Need Help Chanel Bag

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  1. I am new to this forum. I am trying to find info on a very pretty bag I saw yesterday at Chanel Sacks boutique. Usually before spending $$ on a bag, I try to do my homework but this time, I am stuck. I need help.

    I think it is a Chanel Accordion flap bag lambskin east west collection in gray and white color, 2 string / metal handles (silver). What I don't understand is, that it seems that this purse is from 2008 collection, the price was about $ 2750 and to my regret, the bag was a bit scratched.
    Is this common for Lambskin? How comes that a purse from a very very old collection would still be in a boutique? Is this a re-issue?
    I don't really know all of the collections from Chanel, and I can't find any info on this bag or pictures. What I know is that when I buy an LV, they usually have a display bag and then they bring you a nice one from the back. The Sale Associate was not very cooperative, and I don't know but for $ 3000, I feel like I should get better condition. I really liked the purse though ..

    thanks for your feedback help.
  2. This is from Chanel's past seasonal collection and it has the mademoiselle lock (which is used on the reissue flap) but I do not believe that they would consider this a reissue. The term reissue is usually used to refer to the flap bag with the mademoiselle lock (like in my avatar). Although some people extend the term reissue to include the Classic Flaps with the CC closure was well. Yes, lambskin is more delicate so it does have a tendency to get scratched easier. Was this a display bag? You can also get the SA to try to get the scatches out...they should have something for this. I have read that most of the members here are able to get small scratches out by rubbing their finger on the scratch. Also you could use a leather cleaner and conditioner on black lambskin. I agree that for $3k, I would want a perfect bag too! You can get the SA to check other locations or grab the style number and call around.
  3. well, the SA mentioned that it was the only one left and some sort of very limited color edition but nothing about removing scratches. It was in the Display window, and yes there was no CC logo but the lock you are referring to. I also recall some sort of stitches on the flap " < " .. I was kind of surprise as this bag looked more casual than the regular Chanel I know of, and it was extremely soft. If it's not sold out or too limited, I may have a chance to get it through another store ... :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I don't know how Chanel works, but Could I possibly ask for a discount for the bag if she was able to remove the scratches? or even if she couldn't? is it something I can ask for free that they try to clean the bag? would they send it to Chanel or Sacks dept? I found a similar item on EBAY today in black but still no pic of gray on the web.
  4. Chanel does not negotiate prices nor give out discounts selectively. You'll have to wait for the mark-downs if you want to score a piece on sale. I've never heard of customers asking Chanel SAs for discounts. That would be too embarrassing! :shocked:
  5. Excuse me but what's embarrassing is a 3000 $ Chanel handbag sitting down in a window and scratched. As beautiful as it was .. it's just bugging me to buy a piece that is not perfect. I also had no clue that Chanel had markdowns? I thought - as LV or Hermes - there was no markdowns or sale.
    I was simply asking if somebody could find a picture of the same bag, in order for me to try to locate it through another source.
    I won't mention the fact that, as I was asking for a specific bowling bag from Cocoon collection in lambskin, she was trying to pursue me that it was the same reversible nylon bag she had in the window ... I may not know Chanel but I know the difference between a bowling lambskin and a nylon bag.
  6. i don't think it's wrong to ask for discount for a somewhat marred bag. what i do not like is times this has been offered to me it's like 10%... and for what the situation was, did not go for it.

  7. maybe look somewhere different altogether??

  8. You might try a department store like Neiman Marcus. I have seen this bag on display for several seasons. Not too sure about the color, however. I looked at it, but realized the clasp was going to be an issue for me (too big and difficult to keep unscratched from opening and closing,) so I went with caviar accordion bag, which has served me very well over the past seasons.
    If you are unhappy with a display bag, I would refuse it or ask the SA to search for a new one for you. Or -- nothing ventured, nothing gained, I would absolutely ask for a price adjustment if they have a bag that has been on display for a while. I also think the finish on that bag is glazed lambskin which should be fairly resistant to scratching.
    Hope this helped you.
  9. Saks NYC has it on display right now!
  10. REALLY??? BUT i AM LIKE SO far away from NYC ! in Gray or black? Have u seen it and what's the condition? I remember calling a nice gentleman for a J12 in one of the SACKS NYC s...