Need help canvassing..pretty please! :)

  1. I'm glad that there are venues like TPF to get help and ask opinions around (other than my husband - YES! My husband! :graucho: ) regarding handbags.

    And so I would like to ask if you know any cute and classy bags out there that I can use for night outs or social events? Preferably quilted design, neutral color, leather material, and straps with chains.

    So here's what I'm thinking:

    For Premier Designers
    > Budget is less than $1000
    > On my list is TOD'S Signature Mini Patent Leather Shoulder Bag for $665 (pic below)
    >I just want to know if there is a better one out there that you know

    For Contemporary Designers
    > Budget is less than $500
    > Nothing on my list for now, do you know any?

    I will have to choose the one though that will of course talk to me when I see it! you know what I'm saying.. :loveeyes:

    Thank you so much fellow TPFers!! I'm not rushing or anything so just post something if you happen to know or see one. Thanks again!! :smile:
  2. Off the top of my head, Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff and Marc Jacobs all offer leather quilted chain strap bags.
  3. Marc Jacobs has the quilted Single flap in several sizes which is under $1K
    Kate Spade does some nice classic quilted silhouettes under $500, the quilted leather feels nice and puffy tho I am not sure how durable they are.

    If you are willing to spend a little more, my favorite quilted bag is Marc Jacobs' Stam. quilted, chains, kisslock frame. (there is a link to my stam album at the bottom of post)
    marc-jacobs-single.jpeg kate spade leighton.jpg
  4. There are some Kate Spade ones that fit your requirements for under $200 on her sample sale right now. It ends tonight. There is a link in deals and steals to the site.
  5. Thanks for your responses! I really appreciate it.

    rainrowan - I like the Marc Jacobs you suggested. I'll keep it on my list. Thanks!
  6. I would vote MJ too, just check you are happy with the handle drop, I wish the single flap was either shorter and closer under my arm, or was quite a bit longer to hang low, I just hate where it lies, otherwise i would have definitely bought it the second they brought out the black with the silver chain
  7. Thanks for the heads up angelicjulie! ;)