Need Help - Canvas Carly & That Evil Dirt?!

  1. I really want to get both of these for the PCE but can anyone tell me if they have them, they seem like they would get really dirty in no time. I have seen them in IRL and they are beautiful!!! But, I don't want to be afraid to carry them. Does anyone own any help is SO appreciated!


  2. I don't, but I'll bump the thread for you!

    Hopefully someone can help you!
  3. I don't have them, and I don't recall anyone posting on here that they had them, but hopefully someone does.

    Have you tried calling Coach CS and asking them how you should go about removing dirt from them? Maybe they'll be able to tell you what to do if you get one and it gets dirty.
  4. Coach SA's recommend unscented baby wipes for cleaning the cotton and canvas material. I happen to own a large Canvas Carly with that pear trim but I haven't used it yet. I have a cotton denim one for about 6 weeks now and it's holding up great. I wish I could be of more help.
  5. I have the large Carly in the white with brown C's and let me tell gets very, very dirty! I knew it would, but it is even worse than I thought. I think the fact that the fabric is "textured" makes it really hold the dirt.
    I coated it with Scotchguard (2 coats) before I used it and wipe it down with unscented baby wipes EVERY day and it still is dirty!
    I have only had it about 4 weeks or so!
    Sorry to sound so negative, but I wouldn't spend over $400 on this again!:sad:
  6. WOW! That's just awful. I guess I don't notice it on the denim due to the darker color. Maybe I should return my canvas Carly for something else! :s
  7. I seem prone to dirt mishaps so I probably wouldn't spend a lot on canvas.