need help! can't decide which chloe to get

  1. nm is on sale and saw these two which i can't decide on.

    BETTY BROWN TOTE - now at 620

    - i really like the shape and the pockets. I've only ever had satchels. so a "taller" bag would be a nice change.

    - i like brown and the only brown i have is the LV monogram speedy i have.
    -seems a bit bulky but i like big bags.


    -never was a fan of the silverado even from before
    -but i super love gold now. i would love a metallic gold bag
    -then again i am not a fan of the hobo shape but it seems nice.

    so, what should i do? help!
    NMV6390_mn.jpg NMV7446_mn.jpg
  2. It depends what you need it for - I would say the betty is more casual and the gold hobo more dressy. Are you a more dressy/going out person or a more casual person?

    Good luck - they are both gorgeous
  3. Betty, Betty Betty :p
  4. I vote for the silverado~ I've seen that betty tote in real life and I don't really like it!!!
  5. Betty:love: She's just so rock'n'roll and the colour is so yummy
  6. No brainer at those prices both.
  7. LOL, that's exactly what I was thinking susieserb! I myself prefer the hobo :yes:
  8. I say the hobo, but don't think about it for too long or it will be gone!
  9. Are these bags even still available? Hope you bought them first!
  10. it's not there anymore. :crybaby: sniff sniff. next time i know better. just buy both first. oh well, will keep on checking nm website on tuesday. i REALLY want BOTH now.
  11. NUMBER ONE RULE>>>>>>>>ORDER NOW<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    <<<<<<<<< RETURN LATER>>>>>>>>>well? maybe..:sweatdrop:
  12. I vote for the silverado!
  13. Oh, I am so sorry they are gone! :crybaby: I HATE it when that happens! I agree with Susieserb: order now, return later - I LOVE that!!
  14. Oh, one more thing , if you do find the bags, I vote Silverado. From what I have been reading, you MUST have a piece of metalic for spring! The betty tote is really awesome, but I have really slacked off on carrying my Edith in Whiskey because I feel the color is more for fall. I know that all the colors can be carried year round now, but I always feel like lightening up my colors around march 1!! Good luck to you!
  15. yesterday i saw at the botkier bombay tote at $324. so tempted but i really wanted a chloe. today, i've decided to buy it but it was out already. so i went to and i saw a chloe betty satchel in gray for $720. i'd rather the chamois but i liked the style so i bought. dunno if my order will go through. keeping my fingers crossed. not my first choice but i can alway return it after. buy first, return later. i learned my lesson.