Need Help....can I use together.

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  1. I purchased the following:
    Kempton Larger EW tote - Reg. $138 got it for about $55.
    (The plan is to use this when I go to the gym and/or when I go down to see the BF. Since I don't have to carry much to each place. But would like a decent bag to do it in.)

    Now the question is can I use the above bag when I am traveling. With my other Kempton cross body purse or my harper ns tote. Either of those would be my "purse".

  2. Anyone??
  3. How do 65 people look at this and not one could answer me?
  4. I think the larger Kempton as a tote and the cross body as a purse would compliment each other well. I'm not sure what the Harper looks like...... :smile:
  5. Thank you so much for an answer. This is the harper.

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  6. Oh, ok. I don't think I would use the Harper with the Kempton since they are both totes. But, I would use the cross body with either of the totes. :smile:
  7. I agree, 2 totes would be 1 too many at one time
  8. Thanks the harper would never work for clothes an stuff. But glad the other two work.

    Thank you