Need help ... BV wallet or LV wallet?

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  1. I was tempted the other day by the LV Sarah Vernis in Rose Florentin, a beautiful pale pink color, but it's almost the same price ($660 USD) as the BV ziparound or continental wallet. If I were to go with my gut, I would get the LV, but I know that the BV would be more of an investment piece. That being said, I felt the same way when I purchased my LV Epi French Wallet because LV was phasing out the gold hardware, but I barely use it anymore because it's just too small for my everyday needs. Help ... should I go with CLASSIC/TIMELESS or FUN POP OF COLOR?

    Thanks in advance, ladies!!!!
  2. How about the classic/timeless in a pop of color? BV has a pretty fuchsia out right now. Or Ink, if you want to tone it down. Bottle green is pretty nice too.
  3. Which particular BV wallet interests you? There are many ziparound/continental styles available in many fabrications and colors--standard nappa in classic colors like ebano and nero, colors of the season like opera or petal or other pinks, or exotic skins. I havent inquired about what colors are available in the wallets this season, but in case you didn't know, the BV website is NOT all-inclusive like the LV website tends to be. There are choices beyond what is shown on the website.

    Assuming you're thinking of nappa, the materials are so totally different. One has a logo and has a shiny patent finish, while the other has a more matte finish and no logo. The vernis wallets can be stiff at first and can be heavy in the Sarah (I have the Sarah f/k/a Pochette wallet in cassis epi, and it's similar in weight). BV nappa wallets are more supple and pliable, and they're lighter in weight.

    Durability-wise, it might be a wash, but for different reasons. I suspect that the rose florentin would be prone to the typical light-color patent leather dye transfer problem, and perhaps the yellowing problem too, unless there has been some improvement made to the vernis line lately that I don't know (I haven't followed LV in a while). Light color BVs might also be susceptible to color transfer and dirt, but in a different way than the vernis. BV nappa is luxuriously soft, unlike vernis, but the leather does show age--for some, it's a "patina" that improves with time and use, while for others, it's just plain "old."

    I tend to be analytical about my choices because I want to choose well, but I also have to love it enough to buy. I don't buy wallets for "investment" value or just for "fun"--I buy them to use, and I tend to use things I love the most.

    So for whatever it's worth, after this long-winded reply, I think you should just get the one you like more. Good luck deciding.
  4. jburgh & blueiris: Thanks so much for your thoughts! You know, I guess I have not really explored the options that BV has to offer because I am definitely not as familiar with the BV lineup as I am the LV one ...
    jburgh: What exactly are the leather dye transfer problems associated with the Vernis? I've been using a patent leather Tory Burch Continental, and aside from a couple scratches/scuffs here and there, I haven't had any issues. Then again, it is red, so it wouldn't show a scuff like a pale pink/beige would like the LV Vernis in Rose Florentin. I am also concerned about the LV because the Rose Florentin interior is a very pale beige leather, so a credit card scratch or fingernail scratch would show up a lot more than on a darker leather interior. I guess I have to decide whether that would bother me a lot, because I can't treat a wallet with kid gloves!
  5. I'm not the lovely jburgh, but my understanding is that vernis owners have had some permanent staining issues. You might find stories on the LV forum about this. Examples: a vernis wallet next to a magazine or receipt ends up with an imprint of the same on the wallet; a light vernis handbag stored on a shelf next to a red handbag (no dust covers on either one) ends up with reddish staining where the bags had touched for a period of time.

    I don't have any direct experience with the light vernis colors, but all of the stains are reportedly indelible because they've penetrated the leather beneath the varnish. I'm sure this could happen with any color vernis, but it would be more noticeable on a light color. Also, the patent finish sometimes can yellow with time/exposure to light, which caused some of the historical light blue bags to turn mint green--again, an effect probably more noticeable on the lighter vernis colors. Then again, I'm sure there are plenty of light vernis lovers who have had no problems at all and might have taken very good care of them.

    Color transfer can happen with any light color leathers, I'm sure. I wouldn't store an uncovered white BV uncovered next to another color leather, and I would be careful not to let it rub against dark denim and not set it down just anywhere.

    As for the interiors, some of my BV wallets have pale interiors in the coin sections--the card sections tend to be the same color as the body. It doesn't stop me from using them, but I don't expect my wallet to remain new-looking forever. When I feel like using a wallet that's built like a tank, I use my LV cassis epi Sarah/pochette wallet. It's roomy, well-planned in terms of layout, and very durable against stains (wipes clean) and does not show much wear because of the dark color. It does have the grenade (bright pink) interior that I love. The downside is that it is so big and heavy compared to my BV wallets, so I don't tend to use it as often.
  6. ^^^
    I have experience with LV's light-colored vernis and color transfer/staining. It is definitely a problem - It is permanent, and nothing can be done to fix it. I have a light beige vernis Houston bag that looks horrible from color transfer/stains. The bag is completely ruined and is pretty much unusable now.

    LV's darker vernis does so much better. I have had far fewer problems with it. I have bags and key cases that still look great even after a lot of use.

    I love wallets - have collected them since I was a small child. My current favorite wallet is a BV karung zip around. I love the functionality of it, and the karung looks fantastic even after over 6 months of heavy daily use.
  7. Blueiris: Sorry, my bad! ... And thank you so much for your help!
  8. Sigh ... now this makes me rethink getting the Sarah Vernis in Rose Florentin. I would be pretty devastated if there were color transfer ... the lining of my BV bag is not dark, but I throw magazines in my bag. Do you mind my asking what color transfer you got on your Vernis bag?
  9. #9 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    Everything can potentially transfer onto light-colored Vernis. It is not one particular color or type or material that causes transfer/stains.

    Anything that comes into contact with, splashes on, etc has the potential of permanently staining Vernis. Light-colored Vernis also yellows with age.

    Ink, dye, make-up, lotion, soda, juice, and coffee splashes, etc will cause permanent staining.
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    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    I forgot to add "bruising". You know how patent leather bruises? The same holds true for Vernis.

    The Rose Forentine color is pretty, however, I would never buy something like a wallet that gets handled constantly in it (and this is just my personal preference after my experience with the light beige color). The color has not been around long enough to see what the effects of long-term wear are. I know that a lot of people say they have had their pieces for several months with no problems, but I really don't think they will be saying the same thing a a few years from now. Also, I have found that a lot of resellers will not even touch an LV piece with a lot of color transfer.

    I have key cases in Pomme and Amarante Vernis and they still look great after a few years of use (and key cases get handled constantly).

    Leather is at least cleanable. Definitely something to consider with an item that is handled as much as a wallet.

    Bottega makes wonderful wallets. I used to buy LV wallets, but probably never will again because of the quality. Even the Suhali leather feels like plastic compared to the leathers of Bottega and Hermes. The only leather that LV makes that even compares is the leather on my Sac Louis bag - but LV does not offer that leather in other items right now.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!:smile:
  11. I love BV wallets but I'm biased...
  12. In terms of functionality, I'm pretty sure both brands are pretty similar which leaves quality. My mom has an LV wallet which still seems really stiff after years of use. I love BV wallets because I am a great fan of the smell and feel of leather. It seems like BV wallets become more personal over time, at least for me.
  13. Thank you all so much for your help!
    Ranag: I LOVE wallets, too. I actually really love my LV Epi French Wallet but unfortunately it does not have enough slots for me anymore, especially for day-to-day use. I think I need to visit the BV store soon and give their wallets another chance. The last couple of times I've gone were to scope out the purses, so I probably didn't really give their wallets a good-enough look.
    Anyone bought/liked Gucci wallets? They own the BV brand, no? I saw a couple of nice leather wallets in the Guccissima pattern, and they were about $200 less than most LV wallets.
  14. ^^^^
    I have a silver Guccissima continental-type wallet. I haven't used it at all in the last few years though.

    What I like about it: It has a very compact design, and it has a TON of card slots. The older LV wallets had no card slots (the LV PTI, for example, only had 4 or 6 card slots and it was a huge wallet. There was so much wasted space in that wallet!). In darker colors, it is a fairly durable leather.

    What I dislike about it: The feel and quality of the leather. I got very spoiled with the leathers of Hermes, so I am always comparing other leathers to theirs. On the silver color, the Guccissima shows wear very easily. Every fingernail mark shows. I would never buy a light-colored Guccissima piece for a wallet or something that is handled constantly again.

    I do have a black Guccissima waist pack that I use for amusement parks, concerts, etc., and I absolutely love it for that purpose :heart: I don't care if it gets wet or bumped into things because it does not show on the black color. I used to love Gucci - I started buying Gucci in the early 1980's. Over the last few years, I have not found anything other than ready-to-wear that I like :shrugs: I also see a lot of the bags, including the exotics, end up at the Gucci outlet at a discount.

    Once you start buying the leathers from Hermes and Bottega, it is really hard to go back to many of the other brands! I can't even bring myself to buy Chanel anymore, and I was a Chanel fanatic for 25 years.

    I think the Guccissima in a dark color would be great for a wallet that gets handled a lot :smile:
  15. Just one more thought:

    Have you considered buying a Bottega wallet from one of their outlet stores?

    I have bought several wallets from the outlet, a couple of which that are exotics, at a huge discount off of retail. You can find some incredible things at great prices at the BV outlets!

    There are a few made-for-the-outlet pieces that are not the same quality IMHO, but if you stick to the past season items that were sold at the BV stores, you can get some wonderful items at great prices ;)