Need help buying on ebay

  1. I am browsing the designer bags on eBay and notice that although the price seems like a very good deal, item shown as 100% authentic, and the seller has great feedback, no one is really bidding on those bags? Just wondering why? Is there some wrong with those designer bags on eBay?

    Also, a lot of the pre-loved bag sold higher than NWT bags.. that's strange too.. can some one please explain? Thanks!
  2. There are still a ton of fakes on eBay, and just because the seller says it's authentic doesn't mean it is. Look at their feedback to see if they got 100% by selling or buying. Ebay sellers are getting pretty crafty, so be sure to get your items authenticated in one of the designer forums. :yes:
  3. A possible reason being is for the most part people do not part with a NEW bag and if they do it will be only ever so slightly under retail. And most of the people selling the fakes have NEW bags. People often feel reassured that it is authentic if it has already been used for the reason aforementioned. Yes, I agree, Have the item authenticated before buying ANY designer item on ebay and look for seller that are mypoupette recommended.