Need help buying a birthday gift for my GF

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  1. My GF's (24) birthday is coming up soon and I want to get her a nice gift. I've boughten her a bracelet before so I was thinking of getting her a necklace this time around. She likes more dainty style jewelry like Jennifer Fisher and Jennifer Mayer, etc.

    I was thinking of something by Jennifer Fisher such as a simple gold chain with a circular pendant that I can get engraved with both of our first initials but I was looking for other options as well. I feel like it's overpriced at almost $2k for a simple 14k gold chain. Are there any other cool brands to look at? She doesn't really like mainstream brands such as Tiffany's. Thanks!
  2. what about the helen ficalora disc pendants, you could get one with your initial and one with hers to wear on a gold chain?
  3. Exactly what I would have suggested!
  4. CatBird NYC has really dainty jewellery and the independent designer feel like Jennifer Meyer, Fisher etc..
  5. I like the HF pendants. I was thinking of doing a gold chain with 3 charm pendants: her initial, a heart, then my initial. Do you think this is too forward? IDK if it's a good idea to have my initial on her necklace as it might come off a bit too over the top.

    Not sure why this picture isn't working:
  6. I think that your initial her initial and the heart would be sweet, I don't think there is anything too forward about it if you guys are in a relationship, but I am older, maybe some of the younger girls will answer too, post a picture if you get it for her!
  7. I own a few Jennifer Meyer pieces and love them. They are dainty but still sturdy for everyday wear. Some of the earrings and simple rings are not too pricey. Ylang23 and Barney's carry her line and I have even ordered pieces in white gold. Customer service was great and turn around for the pieces made in white gold was about 2-3 weeks tops. Good luck in your search.