Need help, buyer asking for refund.

  1. Hi,

    I sold something on eBay and the person paid by echeck. When the echeck cleared I overnight the package to buyer. Then buyer never picked it up from fedex and they are sending it back to me. I asked buyer for half shipping cost to resend, but now they are asking for refund. Said already bought item from store since they could not wait anymore. My auction states that the sale is final.

    Any advice?
  2. I think if the item comes back to you undamaged, you should just refund and relist. It will probably be less hassle in the long run.
  3. I agree with lorihmatthews. But you need to file a NPB with mutural agreement of canceling transaction so you can have your final fee back. Also if I were you, I would only refund her the money minus shipping since it is not your fault of returning.
  4. I would refund minus the original cost of shipping, it isn't your fault she didn't pick it up and you did ship it.
  5. She bought it and needs to pay for it. Remember, a bid is a contract. If she's claiming it took too long, it's her fault for paying by eCheck which needs to clear. I don't know what PayPal's policy is on this when you shipped it and she's trying to weasel out, but that's what she's doing. No tolerance for bidders like this!
  6. ^^ my sentiments exactly!
  7. OT but I wish we can get rid of echecks all together! It's a pain sometimes because the buyer doesn't understand that they have to wait for the check to clear before the seller can ship the item out. I usually email them and let them know this is the case when they pay by echecks.
  8. I just don't accept e-checks and I have it set up that way through paypal. I would say that this buyer deserves a neutral FB, at the very least. Definitely do not refund the shipping.
  9. Do not refund the shipping. It's not your fault that the Buyer couldn't wait and paid by an e-check. I would refund the price of the handbag and than relist