NEED HELP: black paraty shopper

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  1. Hi Girls,

    Thanks for the advice. I do like the style but was just not sure if it's my ultimate dream bag. Among all chloe bags, it's actually one that I'd want to own cuz it's not as "obvious" as the paddington collections. And I doubt I can get a paddy with this price. I'll post some pictures of me modeling the bag later. Hope you guys can give me more feedback then :smile:.

  2. Here're some pics with actions :smile:.

    Do you think it looks good on me?


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  3. I love it! I think this style looks great in black!
  4. I think it looks great on you! I love big bags :smile: the black is a really good pick as well as you'll be able to get lots of use out of it I think.
  5. mine came in black but im returning it- it is rectangular not traingular- its v plain not iconic at all... I dont find the leather v soft either. Id tried a heloise satchel and found its leather buttery compared to this....
    I was v v disappointed witgh it personally. On you it looks nice but Id still give it thought considering 700 plus is a big amount all said and done! There will always be other bags:smile:
  6. Looks great on you!!
  7. I love it!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: The paraty looks so gorgeous!!:drool::drool::drool: And it looks great on you and it's the perfect size.:yes: I would keep it if I were you but if you are not sure about it, maybe it's not meant to be.
  8. I think you got an incredible deal - black bags go with everything and don't have to be treated overly cautiously... however, if the bag doesn't excite you - don't feel obliged to keep...

    I personally aspire to having a paraty eventually... and want one in the black

    I like that your one can be worn over the shoulder... and the size is good for your frame.

    Good luck in deciding whether to keep...
  9. :nuts: I think it looks great on you. It´s a keeper!
    But I like the boxy paraty as well as the one with the shoulder strap.
    My best friend has the boxy paraty in black python and she wears it always. This is such a versatile bag for such a great price. I love Miu Miu too, but imo you can´t compare the leather with Chloé-Leather and the bowler you showed is very trendy, the black paraty is a classic.
  10. lepetitangel - The bag looks good on you. Did you decide to keep it?