NEED HELP: black paraty shopper

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  1. Hi Girls,

    I got a black paraty shopper yesterday at the Nordstrom in San Diego. I have seen the ivory color went on sale here but I passed the ivory one cuz I already have an ivory MARC JACOBS stella.

    The paraty shopper is rather big and kinda bulky when stuffed (see pic 4). But without the stuffing it looks quite nice and easy to carry under your arms as a shoulder bag.

    I got it for $710, 60% off. I want to know people's opinions on whether it's a keeper. Do you prefer other colors for this style?

    Also I have wanted a miu miu nappa bowling bag in black for a while. Do you think the paraty shopper is a better bag than miu miu nappa bowler? I suppose it's difficult to get the miu miu bowler for under $1000?



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  3. I would love one of those for that price unfortunately in the UK we never get good reductions on current popular styles in nuetral colours I say its a keeper :biggrin:
  4. If you like it keep it, the price is fantastic!! I have learned not to keep a bag just because the price is good, but because I really like it.;)
    Great price and great bag!!
  5. I like the bag...but just not sure if it's good enough so that I won't want to get another black bag anytime soon.

    Do you guys like it in black? or other more vibrant colors?
    I think the bag goes well with both casual and formal outfits. Any thoughts?
  6. Great bag and great price!!:yahoo:

    I love vibrant color bags but I use neutral color like black bags more. And no bag will satisfy me enough so that I won't want to get another same color bag.:graucho:
  7. You can't go wrong with a Black Chloe!!
    Love the MM also, but I like that bag in a brighter color.
  8. Hahaha...
    kbnkch....I know what you're saying.
    Even if two bags are the same color, their styles can be so different.

    Just afraid I will start having too many bags.

    I hope the paraty collection will be one of Chloe's classic though.
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    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    I debated over this bag for a long time.

    Does it look bulky when you have it filled up? Is it a large bag?

    I think it is a lovely bag that will be a classic. However, something about it did not propel me to ultimately buy it. I did not love it as much as my bay or edith. Never get a bag for price-you must love it and I am not hearing love if you are thinking about the miu miu.
    Best of luck
  10. Could you do modeling shots? It's hard to say from the pictures. I've tried the Shopper on and it didn't seem to look quite right on me but it could be perfect for you!
  11. The shopper style doesnt appeal at all to me. Very 'meh'

    If you love the miu miu get it instead. Never keep a bag you dont love. You'll never use it.

  12. I agree and disagree with Rowe:heart:

    I love the paraty shopper, more than the original party and one day I hope to get one :smile: I love the style! Each to their own ;)

    I think Rowe is right about keeping the bag though. If you don't love it you'll never use it, so go for the mui mui instead, you'll probably get more use out of it :smile:
  13. I agree with Rowe: If you aren´t in love with the Paraty, don´t keep it. It will be a non-used bag.
  14. I would say keep it. Black is a forever color, and what an incredible price! The Paraty will be around for a long time. Great investment bag. If you have doubts though, think it over. Gorgeous!!! :nuts: