Need Help: Black Baby Cabas??

  1. Am I too late in the game to try to get my hands on a black (or any color!) baby cabas? I tried calling a few boutiques but I keep getting shot down!! Help!!! :crybaby:
  2. there have been several threads on people trying to find one. don't give up hope because I've seen two in the last month (they sold quickly). Someone also just posted about one they passed on.

    there are also rumors about new ones coming out this fall. You can get on a wait list. I know NM in Atlanta was taking names.
  3. My SA from NM Downtown Dallas told me they are getting the black and the brown in soon.
  4. absolutely not! they are coming in soon! I believe sometime in august, they should be arriving... also, many PFers get on several waitlists and when they get callbacks from multiple stores, they usually post on the forum. Good luck!
  5. Maybe also PM crazy4bags as she has posted about this recently?