Need help......Big question?

  1. I finally bought my first B-bag...:yahoo: through Saks but when I went to Neiman Marcus I notice somthing different about the b-bag in the store. I'm hoping some one can help me to understand more about the b-bag. The interior is the same but the tag/serial number, it didn't have the sliver tag... Is that new? :confused1: ... And by comparing my 'city' and the 'classique'.. the 'classique' bag handles are long and I though the measurment should the same. And what are the different size in the 'classique'... I though the medium would be the same size as the medium in the 'city', but the salesman told me it is a large... so confuse... I might have bought the wrong style... (but I love both style).. Need help bad....
  2. I would like to help you but I don't understand what is the problem. Could you explain better, please? Maybe uploading some pictures of your bag?
  3. Yeah it would help a lot if you can post pics of your bags. I'm thinking you bought a 'purse' style Balenciaga which you are calling the 'classique', but I don't really understand what you are saying either. Some SAs really don't know Balenciaga at all and use incorrect terms and that can be really confusing.
  4. If you like it then it isn't the "wrong" it?
  5. oops... I didn't mean to confuse everyone, I though the "city" and the "classique" is the same bag.. When I went to Neiman's I just though I bought a different bag. Thanks for the help....
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