NEED HELP between the PEONY tote or HERITAGE?

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  1. I need HELP!!! I own the Peony small tote and wallet and am thinking about returning it to Coach to get the Heritage Pink tote and wallet instead but I am very confused... could you PLEASE give me your thoughts and which you like best? Thanks a Bunch!!! :flowers:
  2. I think that even though the Peony items are gorgeous, they're more of a Spring/Summer use only; seasonal. With the Heritage tote, you'd most likely get more use out of it since you can practically wear it all year round. Since you can only choose one of the totes, I would recommend getting the one that will be more versatile for you.
  3. I would get the Heritage stripe in pink. I love it.
  4. If you part with your peony, you will regret it. There is NOWAY I would part with mine.
  5. I LOVE the peony!! Someone will be very lucky if you sell it...and you may regret it.
  6. I love the peony set. Keep the peony because it's limited edition. If you do ever want it again, you will have a tough time getting it.

    If you want the new heritage set, maybe you can start saving up for it and buy it during PCE?
  7. yes, i agree, def. keep the peony set, b/c it will be much easier to come across the heritage.
  8. Hmm...well I have a love affair w/ the Heritage Stripe line, but I dunno....that's a tough one. I know I'll sound like an enabler here, but both are great bags to own. I dunno if I'd part w/ the peony tote. What if you decide later you'd rather have it, but have a hard time finding it again? If it were me, I'd find a way to own both, probably sell a bag I don't use or something. If it's too much pink for you (be still my heart) you'd just have to decide whether you like the unique peony embroidery or the unique coated canvas better. Good luck!
  9. Keep anything limited edition...AND still buy the Heritage tote.
  10. I like the peony and wallet!! its really special looking and i love the color of the flowers.

  11. Keep 'em and find a way to get the tote as well. ^^^ I LOVE your bunny! TELL us about him/her!