Need Help badly........


Jan 7, 2008
Please tell me to STOP.......looking.

am started fall in love with reissue 226 dark red :nuts:

So, should I ban the purse forums for good? :P

what about YOU?


Sophie ^o^
Feb 13, 2007
Outer Space
If you love it, get it!

I, on the other hand, moved to to something else so I have no temptation to buy, so I still stick around here without doing any damages. Heehee.
Nov 16, 2009
Ceya... we can tell you to stop looking but if you really want to I'm sure you'll still look! hehe ;)
But I know how you feel! I look too! I use the forum to research my next purchases but I do feel that looking only adds to my desire for more bags! If you really want to stop yourself... it's easy... just stop looking. I was able to pull myself away from the Hermes forum. I may pop in once in a blue moon, but ever since I stopped lurking in the H forum, I've stopped wanting! It's a miracle! (Well... I still want that Birkin or Kelly, but the thought is burried away in some black hole in the back of my mind!)


Jan 8, 2010
STOP looking Ceya!! lol

wow, I'm right there with you, Ceya.

Looking just fuels desire for more, and fuels more actual new purchases.

I've been thinking about this too.
I do like my little collection, but realize I'm just about done. (Want to start spending on other things, as well as saving.)

I thought coming on tPF and Chanel subforum was now just for fun, etc....
but I do notice that each time I see reveals or pics, my mind says, yes, I think I need one of those now too. aargh!!!!

I do like reading all of your posts and threads, and seeing everyone's new finds!
But the buying thing is so real.

I've thought about ways around this. First of all, the curbing consumerism thread in the money talks forum is good. As well as "Big Ban Buddy Club" there too.
Also, for me, I take a break and get off tPF and think hard about the costs. I'd like to spend consciously. You need to spend time by yourself also and think about your purchases and is this what you really want. So you can be happy and not regret.

For me, too, being "busy" helps. Making more plans with people, setting other goals, getting out if I'm on here "too much".
I can see too I need new goals, or else my goals will naturally fall to the goal of how am I going to get another new Chanel.
I'm thinking of trying my luck selling on *bay instead of buying. Just for the experience of it.

Also Ceya, it's hardest at first. If you try to get off the forum at first it might be pretty hard, and you'll want to log back in. Honestly though, the more time that passes, the easier it is. What Lovetoown said up there is so right.

I'm kinda rambling here but this is something I think about. I like sharing this topic with you.

Also- people joke about being addicted. But I can seriously see the addiction thing for myself on this whole bag thing.
I think about what alcoholics do when they commit to stop drinking.
They get real with themself; they have support people to talk to/ help them, remind them of their commitment; they don't hang around where people are drinking, like bars, to tempt them.

I can see too that when we get a new purse, there's excitement. Nothing wrong with that!....but then I kinda "crave" the excitement again down the line, so it makes me wanna buy another one. I'm thinking, why not get that "excitement" or striving, really, in another way?

So I'm trying to replace it with other "activities". For me, it's: getting in good shape physically, and doing some of the things I have been wanting to do. One thing I had wanted to do was throw a little party for my little baby girl. I finally did it the other day and I'm so happy. This was def. something that kept my perspective on purses. Another thing is getting in touch with old friends and making plans, as well as meeting new people. Def. satisfying and keeps my mind off of obsessing over new bags (lol).

I have more plans, and just try to keep thinking of even more exciting stuff to do/reach for to balance the purse "thing" out.

geez this is long, good luck Ceya keep me posted.


Oct 24, 2008
Ceya- Don't look if you can't get it!!! It's hard & always tempting but the more you look, the more you think you "have" to have it!! I know how it is. If I can't get it, I just don't look. I only let myself look when I know I'm able to buy. GL!!!


Apr 15, 2008
Option 1: Don't look!

Option 2: Browse, but live vicariously through others' purchases. This is what I've learnt to do, given that my Chanel wish list is longer than I can afford. :graucho:


Feb 16, 2010
I think that is the reason why I was just "lurking" for years -- while I was collecting my bags. I have no "urge" to buy a new bag. But of course I still enjoy looking at them. :biggrin: But if you can't fight the temptation then -- yes I suggest you don't look. Or try to occupy yourself with something else -- take a vacation :biggrin:


Nov 26, 2008
If you love it, get it!

I, on the other hand, moved to to something else so I have no temptation to buy, so I still stick around here without doing any damages. Heehee.
What is that "something else"? Does it cause more damage or is there a good cure to Chanel bugs? Pray tell! Lols!


Aug 20, 2009
I totally get where you're coming from ceya. I also "suffer" from the same problem. Last year when I bought my Jumbo I thought that would be it for me. Then I discovered the reissue camera case on TPF and wanted that one and continued from there on... now several bags down te road I am still craving for my next bag and get new ideas everytime I take a look on TPF. Like gratefull, I also try to keep myself busy with other activities (not shopping), such as working out... Somehow I always need a goal I can focus on. If not a bag, hopefully a fab body, hahaaha :rolleyes:

Anyway, GL! :tup: