NEED HELP! Bad Seller on Auction

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  1. Any suggestions will help~

    I won auction 5/2 and paid right away, After a week I didn't recieve handbag and tried emailing seller with no answer at all. I filed complaint with paypal not recieved and heard from seller. The seller said her son forgot to mail. Got bag and low and behold it was a FAKE! It was not what seller had described and not AUTHENTIC ~ reached seller and said I was returning. I have track number and I insured. She recieved it back 5/12. Never recieved refund. Now that I already filed complaint with paypal I can't file another for not as described. I contacted ebay and listing is removed. Taken off completely. I can't get contact info or anything. Any suggestions? I am out 330.00 and the fake bag

  2. Did you pay with your credit card? You should contact them about a chargeback.
  3. I paid with my paypal account
  4. if you can't file with paypal, there's not a whole heck of a lot you can do except try to get the seller to issue a refund
  5. You can call paypal and have them change the claim descritpion. Tell them the details and they should be able to help.
  6. I called paypal also and spoke to a woman who said I could not change the claim. The only thing I did was leave it open but the seller did give her track number. It has not closed yet so maybe she put a notation in it. I will wait awhile now before i ever put in a claim with paypal ~ this seems like a scam in itself with only being able to file the one complaint. I am sick over this. Thanks though
  7. call paypal again and be persistent ! i dont remember the names but i know that a good few gals managed to change the type of claim this way ...keep trying and good luck ! :yes:
  8. this is awful, please be persistant- I just hate cheaters!
  10. Hopefully you will get your $$ back from paypal. Often when the item is deemed a fake ebay yanks the listing, they yank for other reasons too, but in your case it's most likely because your bag is a fake and someone reported it.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    Is your seller still on ebay or no longer registered?
  11. I'm so sorry, the EXACT same thing happened to me last year. I bought an LV bag and didn't receive it, so I filed a complaint w/PP. Lo and behold, on the last day before PP would side with me, she sent the bag and gave PP the tracking number. So PP closed my dispute and then I received a fake bag. PP told me they would only allow one dispute per item. Luckily I had paid for the item with Amex so I got back every penny.

    Even though you paid w/PP, did you do so with an existing balance or with a CC? If you used a CC, you will definitely be able to do a chargeback. Good luck!
  12. hi linda marie, their is another section you can file in when you enter into paypal it is listed in the resolution center. you should file a complaint their.
  13. that happened to me when i bought a chanel bag. i recieved it and it was fake. I paid with paypal through my bank account. i went through paypal and make a complaint through the resolution center. I took lots of pictures of the bag so that the person on the other side could not accuse me of damaging it etc. Then i sent it back registered and singed for. I then recieved my money back as a refund.
  14. Yes the seller still shows as a ebay user but has nothing up for auction ~ I thought they would show as not a registeed user but that isn't the case.

    I did file my claim in the resolution center with paypal and was told I could only file the one. I will call again today.

    The monies I paid for it was existing in my paypal account.

    Wish me luck!

  15. If you started an "item not received" dispute with Paypal - have you closed this or is it still open?

    If it is still open you may be able to just note in there that you eventually received the bag but it was not as described. Tell them that you returned the bag and give them the Tracking Number and Paypal should give you the money back.

    If this dispute is closed - your other option is:-

    When eBay removed this listing, as the winning bidder you should have received an email saying that the listing was removed and you didn't have to go ahead with the purchase. You could claim through eBay stating that you have already completed the transaction when they removed the listing and the item was indeed fake. You have returned the bag, giving them the tracking number and see if they can refund the money to you.

    Good Luck.