Need help azur caves

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  1. My almost new speedy got a brown stain on the canvas i don't know from where and what
    How can i remove this, I tried baby wipes and damp cloth with soap and it didn't worked
    Im devastated
    Please help
  2. Do you have one of those original Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? Dampen it and (at your own risk :smile:) go VERY lightly over the stains.. see if it helps?
  3. I have a azur artsy and when it gets color transfer from my jeans I use a magic eraser on it and it takes it right off I haven't experienced it hurting the canvas or anything

  4. This will work it's color transfer. I have used before. Just rub lightly after wetting. Right after wipe with a damp cloth and it will be fine.

  5. I tried it didn't helped
    I don't know what else i can try

  6. Wow really? What the heck is it?
  7. Looks like glue.

  8. Really don't know, im so sad I can't even fall asleep
  9. :sad: I'm sorry nuki.
  10. I'm sorry this happened to you!!

    Can you recall the last (or last few) outfits you wore with it? We're any of your pants brown? Did you put it on top or near anything wet?

    I figure if you can narrow down the possible culprits then you can research what cleaning tool to use.

    I wish I could help more! Here's a hug!! -hug-
  11. Oh no! I understand the feeling. You dint feel good about yourself, and can't sleep or do anything til you get rid of it. Am I right? It annoys you even more because youwbere so careful.
  12. I bought a pre-loved vernis key case in that marshmallow color that had a teensy bit of transfer on it. I didn't want to use a Magic Eraser as I was afraid of scratching/dulling the shiny vernis. I used a q-tip with alcohol and it lifted the color while leaving the vernis shiny. Maybe give this a try? I know that alcohol lifts even old ink so I am hoping this would work. Good luck!
  13. Nothing helped I tried everything possible
    I think the stain is from a brown suede jacket i wore on Friday
    This is how it looks now
    On the right corner
    Thank you all for trying to help 🏼
  14. Please know that I am not trying to minimize how terrible you feel about your new purse getting stained. But, it honestly doesn't look that bad. Try to enjoy your bag. It still serves it's purpose and still looks great otherwise.

  15. Think of it like buying a new car: the first boo-boo is out of the way and now you won't be so nervous.
    The canvas does darken a bit over time and hopefully it won't be as noticeable to you in a few months.
    Just enjoy. It's a gorgeous bag!