Need Help Authenticiating this YSL ring!!

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  1. I bought this ring on Paypal from a blogshop that I regretted:


    Yes, Paypal actually decided the case against me even though they received the picture because 'I fail to provide supporting documentation' (I've provided 8 files including a report to the authorities & emails from another scammed person).

    So yeah I need an unbaised 3rd party to "authenticate" the ring I received so that I can file an appeal against paypal. Besides that, the need reasons why its not authentic, how did you authenticate it etc etc. Thank you all for looking and helping me out! I appreciate it.
  2. i am so sorry to hear that but.. WHAT? THEY GAVE YOU THAT RING INSTEAD? its not even the same ring? I would suggest you going through the blog and find any bad feeback from other buyers too? Hope you get this resolved soon..
  3. She have to approve feedback on her blog and hence no bad feedbacks. I tried to leave one, apparently it didn't show. :sad: