Need Help Authenticating this Cherry Speedy

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  1. I purchased this bag about 3 years ago. I really never thought that it could be fake. I have 2 other speedies and I can't tell any differance. Please help. My girlfriend wants to purchase the bag, however, I need to know that everything is ok with the bag first. Thank you all so much for your great help and advice.


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  2. Is this not the very same bag that you have already posted on the ATLV, post 87, that was deemed fake by IO4M and by Addy?
  3. This is fake - please check replies to your post in the AT LV thread as Ellie stated. Thanks!
  4. This is like the third thread you posted about this same fake bag!
  5. Sorry, rainey, it is still fake. Please don't sell that bag to anyone else.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.