Need help authenticating an MC speedy!

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  1. Thank you to all who helped me with my previous dilemma of which MC bag to get...Well, I decided to get the Speedy and found one on eBay for $500 less than retail but I am concerned about a couple of things:

    1. Are the handles and hardware covered in plastic when you buy it from the store? (because this one is)

    2. What's the date code? Is that the serial number? I read that it should always end in 3, 4, or 5 for an MC speedy--is that true? Where do you find the date code on the bag?

    Here's the bag if anyone has time to look:

    I am so freaked out now about how good the fakes can be that I'm probably going to suck it up and pay full price at eluxury, but I'm still curious...

  2. Please post in the "Authenticate" LV thread.

  3. There is a separate authenticating thread.

    But I can tell you that this is fake, and so was the other LV sold by this person. Did you check the feedback?
    Do you know that most "LV" on eBay is fake? If you are trying to save money by buying on eBay, stick to known sellers of authentic LV. Check feedback and previous auctions: This seller has feedback for selling fake Versace, for example, and the other LV is also fake. So you would automatically not shop with this person if you studied the background. Any time someone is selling fake designer goods, you should expect "LV" also to be fake.
  4. Omg!
  5. Oops--really sorry to post my thread here--how do I move it? I'm new here and also relatively inexperienced with ebay also...thanks for the advice!
  6. Just copy your post and paste it into the authenticating thread.
  7. I would not buy. this person has another ebay ID as well. I believe this was bag sold under it as well.
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