Need help authenticating a bag from Bluefly

  1. I got this black "work" from Bluefly. It looks good to me but I am not an expert. I am likely going to post on WTS, although I may keep it. Can I get your opinions before I do either?

    Also, for susan-eric and bijin, there was a mirror attached, it was just tucked away in the front pocket. Helps to look at the bag when you get it. :shame:

    Here are some pics - I am not so good with cameras so let me know if I need to take some more.

    black work bbag 001 (Small).jpg black work bbag 002 (Small).jpg black work bbag 003 (Small).jpg black work bbag 004 (Small).jpg black work bbag 005 (Small).jpg black work bbag 006 (Small).jpg
  2. if it's from buefly, u should now worry because they only sell authentics.
  3. Normally I wouldn't except there seems to be a problem with some bronze ones from Bluefly.
  4. chigirl,

    how do you get a work on bluefly??? how do you get these Bbags on bluefly???
  5. I am good. It was very random. I just found it. Also, got a caramel purse, which I am keeping even though not everyone is a fan of the color.
  6. she just has all the luck, but it looks real to me...
  7. thanks for rubbing it in.:noworry:
  8. I am not working now. I have time. Sad, but true. Actually, I only check about once a day and I got lucky. I haven't been on in a couple weeks. Sorry! I did offer to sell my last bags but I didn't have enough posts. I am sharing the wealth when possible.
  9. looks real to me :P
  10. chi, you're suppose to let me know when there are goodies on bluefly.;)
  11. Definitely looks real to me and I am interested if you decide to sell it in WTS.
  12. this time it was a crazy hour and i just grabbed them so someone here would at least get them.
  13. i'm so happy that it was you who got it. you should keep the work. it's a great staple for a black bag.

    how's the job hunt going?
  14. thanks! i like the bag but for the size, i think i need a shoulder bag. i carry around my grey city (from bluefly ;)) and it hurts my wrist. i have to imagine this would be worse, no?

    job hunt is going slowly. making a career change is not that easy. i comfort myself with handbags!
  15. have you looked into getting a purse? it's the same size as the city but the handles are longer so that you can wear it on your shoulder.