Need help ASAP

Jan 3, 2006
I am looking to purchase a wallet tonight (today is my b-day!) from E-lux. I need advice on what to get. I am leaning towards the one of the two. I need a wallet that will look nice in all of bags. I already own a vintage mono wallet but it is very old and not in great shape. Here is what I am considering: Does anyone own any of these wallets? Do you think this is a good color?


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blushingbaby said:
Happy Birthday!

I aso vote for the middle it the french purse? and in the mandarin of course!

Thank you!

Yes, it is the French version. This will be my first BRAND SPANKING NEW LV so I am so excited and want to get it right! :worried:

I am all alone hubby has already relocated for his new job so I am here with the kiddies. We will be apart almost 6 weeks so I figure this would be a great "reward" for having to be a "single parent". I know it does not sound like a big deal, but trust me; 24/7 with two children under the age of 5 with out any family to help out occasionally is just a wee bit stressful!

I am going for it! I am ordering now!! Yea! :biggrin: