Need Help ASAP


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Oct 8, 2008
I have just joined thinking I might get some advice. I have this friend who I know can't really afford LV but after seeing my Louis Vuitton Small Agenda with Louis Vuitton Refills she managed to get her hands on a replica agenda cover and has bought 'replica refills'. (I didnt even know all that existed, I thought only bags and wallets were as replicas) Anyway, we were out for lunch yesterday, and she said she's going to throw away her replica cover and refill and buy herself the real deal.

Knowing that she cannot afford this right as she has other expenses to cover, what should I advise her to do?

She did pay for the replicas and in her mind I know deep down that she would be thinking the replica was a waste of money but she's getting her eyes set on buying a authentic agenda and refill.

A part of me wants to tell her go ahead if she knows that she can afford it but the other half of me thinks that she should not waste her money right now and just make do with her replicas!
What are your thoughts on this? Make do or throw away and re-purchase authentics...

PS I know I should not be condoning replicas at all, however, money is the issue for her right now:tdown:


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Apr 14, 2008
If she can't afford it then she needs to just appreciate LV from afar until it gets worked into her budget or maybe for Christmas someone will give her a wonderful gift. The agenda is attainable to most people that are motivated to save for it and once she reaches her goal she will really cherish her LV-The replica's never bring joy-just shame. Better to have a real leather agenda by any other brand than a replica.:shame:


May 25, 2008
I think you should encourage her to save up for authentic ones because like you said, replicas are a waste of money.
She doesn't need one right away... help her to save some money to treat herself with an LV.
First of all, stop buying fakes. It is morally right and it will save her money.
Put some extra money asside every month.

Think of many ways that you can help her save !


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May 26, 2007
Tell her to save - no one needs a 300$ agenda if there are other expenses !

I completly agree..dont take this as a rude comment...but maybe its not a good idea to show your agenda in front of that friend, because it makes her want it, and if she cant afford it...maybe you 2 can talk about other things.Its not always healthy to think about things that are way out of reach.


May 11, 2008
Tell her to save - no one needs a 300$ agenda if there are other expenses !

I agree! Moreover, I don't think anyone needs a $300 agenda--at all. It's a luxury item. Nice to have, but not a need.

Good luck to you on how you decide to handle this. It's a good thing that you are sensitive to her well-being. I also agree with the suggestion that perhaps you might not "remind" her of your LV items until she is in a better financial situation.


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Jun 6, 2008
I agree with the girls. Encourage her to save and don't show her anything else you buy! Which does she want a new agenda that she probably won't really use or a home, food, heat, you know the necessities in life?


Sep 19, 2006
Tell her to save her money, LV is going to be around forever and she can always get one or more LVs later. I started loving LVs since I was a teenager but I did not own any LV until I found a decent job after school.


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Jul 23, 2008
If she really needs to be saving money then you should (gently) advise her to wait a bit and save over time to get the agenda. Maybe you or her family or her other friends can help her out as a gift for christmas? I don't think she should use fakes, but if that's what she has now and she really needs an agenda then just tell her to use the thing until she can actually afford it. If she's really feeling ashamed from carrying a fake then tell her to get a cheaper but nice enough leather agenda until she saves for the real LV one.

That is a bit of a sticky situation to be in, good luck!


Nov 18, 2006
If all the above fail, how about asking her to get a 2nd hand from ebay?

This is what I would tell her to do..

I wouldn't tell her how to spend her money, telling her that she can't afford it and that she should just use a replica isn't being much of a friend. Instead, help her find a way that she can afford the item that she wants and still be able to take care of her obligations at the end of the month. This could mean not seeing the opening premier of that broadway show, not going out to dinner or holding off on that new cell phone for a little while..

Purchasing the item pre-owned, may be the best option for her, however, make sure that you show us the item first so we can authenticate it for you. There are a lot of great re-sellers out there and many times, items are in like-new or new condition.

If she does not want a pre-owned item, show her a less expensive alternative. You can do this by showing her something of a different material, something of a different size or even something from a different designer all together.

Good-luck! :tup: