Need help ASAP! keep or return?

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  1. I don't know the name of this bag, but i saw it this afternoon at saks. It's goat skin and it costs $2000 (only!- for a chanel). The size is comparable to a jumbo. Please help me, I can't decide whether to keep it or not. I need an everyday bag and this one is pretty durable. If you think i shouldn't keep this bag - can you recommend other bags for everyday bag? I was considering the prada saffiano & tessuto tote, but the burgundy is sold out everywhere ( i even checked canada). I don't need a big bag, I just need the bag to be durable, lightweight, and lasts long/ages well. Oh and I need it be under $2000, I don't want to spend more than $2000 on a bag that I will wear everyday and destroy.

    My feelings about this bag:
    I LOVE the goat skin, this is the first time i have ever seen a chanel in goat skin, and i love it. I like the cc logo. Love the feel-lightweight and soft. Basically, i love the bag except for its strap.......
    The strap is a thick rope and its covered in the goat skin leather in the middle (you can see this in the picture). The strap to me kind of signifies that it is a cheap chanel (well it kinda is) and its definitely not a classic. There are 2 problems with a "cheap chanel". First, either someone snobbish thinks that's a cheap chanel. Second, people think I bought the bag because it's a chanel and it's "cheap". I honestly think neither, but i'm sure other people would. I don't think the strap is ugly, but it can definitely be nicer. What do you guys think?

  2. Interesting bag--is it new? Not sure I like... There are some other goat options for spring I think. And there's the easy CC which is classic looking but a bit cheaper than classic flap is now and seems durable as well. I have never seen this bag. Which saks? And I personlly don't like "cheap Chanel"generally. Good luck
  3. yes it's new, the SA said they just got it 2 days ago. saks beverly hills. I'm leaning on returning it as well. Might as well just buy the classic, i just really love the goat skin on this one. But then again it's not perfect. I should not buy a bag that i still want to change right (i.e. change the strap)?
  4. Depending if you like it or not, but I do not personally! I do not like the robe handle very much, it does have that classic feel.

    Good Luck!
  5. I'm personally not a fan. I say return.
  6. Ok, made my decision, will return it. Thanks you guys! discussion closed :biggrin:
  7. If the $1K price difference between this and a jumbo is feasible, I suggest you exchange this for any jumbo caviar flap. That will defintiely be timeless. This one looks dated.
  8. I am not feelin' it, sorry!
  9. I prefer the jumbo classic than this purse
  10. definitely return! I also prefer the jumbo classic
  11. Not a fan sorry, better to pay more and get a classic
  12. ^agree :yes:
  13. I thought it looked good until you pointed out the strap. I agree with you--I am not in love with the strap.
  14. hmm i think i'm the only one who's snatch this up if i saw it.. i like it! besides there's no such thing as cheap chanel... they have there casual lines and seasonal stuff but no one will think it's cheap.. i've seen a lot of celebs carry chanels with different straps.. i think it's even unique. and honesty the chain makes my shoulders red on the m/l and im not even carrying a lot! it's pretty. i would get it.
  15. Return it. I'm not a fan either. I get the feeling that you're keeping the bag because of the price... But for $600 more you could get the medium flap, or for $1895 (less than $2000!) you can get the E/W. Both much more classic options. :yes: