Need help!! Anyone have problems with moisturizing madeline?


Feb 20, 2008
Hi everyone. I need some help with moisturizing. I called Coach to ask what to use on my new madeline,(magenta!) was told their coach moisturizer. She said to use it all over, which I did. Now my bag seems to look almost like the leather is drier than it was before! It has almost white chalk- like areas! This is a new bag, carried only a few weeks! I LOVE this bag! Please help! Is there something wrong with the leather?
Please help with any tips or suggestions, this has me really worried that this ruined my new bag!
Mar 30, 2006
Try buffing it really good with a clean white soft cloth. The moisturizer may have just dried on the surface. If that doesn't work then take it back into the store and tell them that you followed the care directions and this is what happened. I have the magenta madeline and I've used cleaner and moisturizer on it with no problems at all. Just make sure you are rubbing it in good and not leaving it on top of the leather. PM me if you need anymore help!


Sep 15, 2007
The chalk is most likely from the dried moisturizer. You probably put it on a bit heavy. I usually use only a small amount and work into small areas at a time. Try buffing, but be careful doing so because I was told the madeline (and Bleecker) dyes are not cured well. Thus, you run the risk of rubbing the dye off if you buff too hard. Use a soft cloth...I usually use one of DHs old white undershirts or sock. If buffing doesn't work because it's dried too much, try adding a tiny bit more conditioner and work into small areas at a time, buffing until you no longer see the conditioner after its dried. It may take a couple of attempts to get all the conditioner worked in.

I once bought a bag on Ebay, supposedly from a tPF member, so I won't mention which bag, lol! But she had conditioned the bag and left chalky areas too. I just took a bit of additional conditioner to the areas, and kept buffing till I got it all worked in. It looked great afterward!! Good luck!!

P.S. Coach moisturizers contain silicones, which don't allow the leather to breathe. It's really better to use Apple or some other conditioner that does not have this.