Need help/answers about a YSL bag...

  1. Last night (about 3 a.m.) I looked at this YSL Embossed Patent Bag on the BG site, loved it and everything about it, and ordered it about 5 mins. later. Smiling, I went to bed. Here is the bag and then the questions:

    I woke up this morning and immediately went into full panic mode. I have always loved the Muse bag (and isn't this really what it is...except w/ embossed croc?) so I'm wondering why I never bought it before?! I'm guessing - now - that I read on here that it was heavy to wear and carry and that this is why I didn't buy it before now. Maybe?

    Could someone tell me if it is heavy, and/or if you have seen this particular bag IRL? I have muscle issues that make carrying a heavy bag make my shoulder, arm, and/or hand hurt, and I need to cancel this order if that is the case. Also, it is 5" deep, and that would make it different from the Muse...and also maybe heavier??

    Sorry if this is disjointed or I've explained it poorly. It has been a wild and crazy day, and I'm just getting time to ask this. THANKS SO MUCH, if anyone can shed any light on this bag for me.
  2. Bluefly says that the Muse is only 3 lbs. I don't think that's too heavy. There are lots that weight or heavier!
  3. Bags are as heavy as the stuff you put in them. That said, YSL bags are very light. I have passed up many Chloe, MJ bags because of their weight.
  4. ^^Thanks, both of you. That is what I needed to know.

    Oh, and IS this the Muse...with another name and of course, the croc embossed leather?
  5. That is indeed the YSL Muse in patent,it is gorgeous and congratulations! Be sure to post modeling pics for us!
  6. Congrats on ordering a muse, ROak!!! :tup:

    Is it a medium size or large? It doesn't really look like an OS...
  7. Thanks! :smile: I am now officially ecstatic about this bag and can't wait til it comes. I was in 'panic mode' when I woke up, because of how quickly I went from "see" to BUY. I've taken longer to figure out which flavor of Altoids I want than I did in buying this bag.

    I assume it's a large, gr8heart. It's approximately 11 x 17 by 5. I know the OS is 19 inches wide, so that would make this the large, I would guess.

    I'll post pictures WHEN I can figure out how to do this new contraption I just bought. I *could get my son to do it, but then would come the "purse face" that the men in my family give me - with yet another purse purchase. :smile:
  8. Congratulations!! It's such a pretty bag. I hope you can convince your son to take some pics of you and your new Muse :yes:
  9. Congrats. The black patent Muse is a great choice! You are going to love it.
  10. Great choice...I tried it before...It's a lot lighter than the leather one...dont worry...Congradulations:smile:
  11. ^^^I agree. I think it is a lot lighter than the leather muse.

    It's beautiful! Congrats! :woohoo:
  12. i just bought this bag last week...very light, roomy and i am already collecting complements on it! a statement piece and a classic...congrats on great choice!
  13. ^^ It just came, and it is VERY light. Ohmygosh. I liked it when I took it out of the packaging, but I LOVE it, fully loaded w/ my things. I was dressed and about out the door when it came. (whew...I would have died if I had missed the FedEx guy!) I took time though to change over my things to this bag though, and I'm out the door again.

    And I'm going to have to take pics, I know. I wish I were more computer/picture savvy, but alas...

    This is just such a high to find the perfect bag for you!! (well me, in this case) :drool:
  14. Rowan - Congratulations! I was going to answer your original post, but then saw that you received it and love it. I can't wait to see pics of your new stunning bag!

    I just saw the black patent croco muse this past weekend, and think it is one of the most gorgeous black patent bags I have seen. I have two YSL bags and love how light they are compared to some of my other bags.
  15. Congratulations. Post pics when you can.