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  1. Please excuse any misspellings ....i'm still very upset

    My daughter goes to school near my moms house so each day I drop her off in the mornings and pick her up after school. We have been feeding a neighborhood cat that comes to her home for about a year now. A few weeks ago when it was really cold here, the cat didn't come by for at least two weeks. We were really concerned until one morning he showed up. We were soooooo happy to see him and ran up to him. Then I looked on one side of his body and it was awful. I can't even describe it. I just start crying. I thought an animal attacked him so we got him to get into a cage my mom had and took him to the animal hospital. The doctor believes someone threw something on him(like boiling water or acid) or drug him. It's so bad. I wanted to bring him in the house but the doctor said since he's an outside cat he could have cat aids or something. The only thing she did was gave him an antibiotic shot and gave us some antibiotics to feed him for the next couple of weeks. I've been letting him stay in my moms garage while we feed him antibiotics with his food.

    The problem is, whenever he starts to scab or heal he scratches it right off. I'm so afraid he will get infected and pass on. I feel so bad for him(and if i'm not tearing up i'm hating whoever did that to him) Even wounded he is still such a sweetie...I really don't know what to do at this point.
  2. Thank God this cat has you and your Mom! I'm just so sorry that someone did this to the cat... people just never cease to amaze me.

    I hope the kitty recovers... we'll be saying lots of prayers for him, and send him good healing vibes. You are an angel for taking care of him! xoxo

  3. Thank you so much Gypsybiker59.... People are something else. But you're right he needs GOOD healing vibes so i'm gonna try to stay focused on the positive. And if anyone else wants to pray for him please do. We call him Socks and also outside kitty lol
  4. We just rescued a blind kitten in November, his name is Jinx... his early days were pretty rough, he was found in a UPS parking lot where the UPS staff had poisoned his feral cat colony.... luckily, he survived.

    I do know that the power of prayer can do amazing things, and I will keep you, and Socks, in my prayers. Please keep us posted on his progress!
  5. It is wonderful that you have taken him to the vet for treatment. Cats are terrible for scratching off scabs. I have a cat that is prone to skin disorders and everytime I think it she about healed, she scratches off the scabs, just like a three year old child with mosquito bites!

    If this cat is reasonably healthy, the antibiotics should be fighting any infection he may have. If you feel that you need to bathe the sores, just be careful and get advice from the vet because a lot of human disinfectant type washes and ointments are not suitable for cats. My vet has always just advised using a mild saline solution.

    Anyway, my thoughts are with you.
  6. Stupid vet, even if the cat is FIV+ (cat aids) he wouldn't pose any risk to you.

    Poor little cat, if he scratches a lot a collar like this might help.

    Would you be able to give the little fella a home? He obviously likes and trusts you.
    Thanks for helping him,
    Keep us updated.
  7. Did the vet say that the wound needs to be exposed to air to heal? Some wounds need to be allowed to 'air out' and shouldn't be covered.
    Would it be possible to put some type of bandage over it? It might be a pain to replace it everyday though, but it sounds like your kitty is being pretty cooperative. He probably keeps scratching the site because it is itchy while it heals.
    Is it possible that you could make him an indoor kitty? He could very easily be tested for FIV. It's just a blood test. If he is clear, he could come in. If you don't have other cats, he could come inside even if he is FIV+.
    Please don't beat yourself up over what happened to him. Just spoil the heck out of him and give him lots of love while he heals. He is very lucky to have found such a nice family to take care of him.
  8. If you don't have any other cats, even if he is FIV+, he won't cause any harm to you. I would bring him in, if you can't do that maybe he could stay in a garage or something?
  9. oh my gosh, that is so heartbreaking! poor kitty. but he is lucky you're taking care of him.

    do you have any other cats in your house? because if not, it's fine to bring him inside even if he does have kitty aids- it doesn't affect humans at all, just other cats.
  10. Thank you everyone for the responses. I did leave out that I have 2 cats at home. When I told the vet I wanted to bring him home with me this is when she said something about cat aids. It seems to me there should be a test or something that can be done to find out for sure.

    I know he can't live outside anymore. She also said his fur will never grow back once it falls off. and if someone could be cruel to him when he was well...just imagine what they could do if they see him wounded with fur missing and believe nobody cares about him. I'm going to bring him home to my garage tomorrow(thanks for that suggestion)

    I thought about one of those collars. But, i'm wondering how much it could help. I really don't want to be too graphic(the visuals are too heartbreaking) His wounds are all on the left side of his body, the top of his head, and left side of his neck. they are pretty wide. His right side is totally untouched.

    The vet said if he was going to be outside, cleaning the wounds would be a bad idea because they would get dirty. As soon as it scabs and I get hopeful the next day they look like fresh wounds all over again.

  11. OMG....I just clicked on your link and Jinx looks JUST like socks. Same coloring feet and all.
  12. your vet can do a blood test to see if he is positive for FIV. i'm sort of amazed your vet didn't offer that up. it should be a general practice for anyone taking a new cat into the vet for a first time check up.

    and i could be totally wrong but i think there are ways for FIV + cats to live with cats that don't have it? is there some sort of vaccine for the cats who are negative for it?
  13. Poor baby. He is lucky to have someone like you looking after him. I would bring him back to the vet and have him tested. It is a simple blood test, not expensive and no big deal. If he is negative I would make him an indoor kitty. Sounds like he is easy to handle so the transition shouldn't be too hard. Good luck with your new baby. And I hope the monster that did this rots in hell. How can you throw acid at a cat??? Monster.
  14. poor baby :sad: I'm so pleased he has someone like you to care for him. It may be worth getting him to the vets for a test. It may take a bit of adjusting to get him to become a house cat and get used to your current kitties.
  15. Thank GOD that cat has you and your mom...

    The cruelty people can inflict on animals makes me sick.. I am sooo thankful that you care for this sweet cat...

    Now.. I have several peices of advice..

    1. Speak to the Vet about getting him tested for Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia... This is a fairly quick blood test...

    2. Speak to the Vet about getting his shots and getting him fixed (if he is not already fixed)

    3. Have the Vet give you some FrontLine or Advantage for FLEAS

    4. If money becomes an issue, contact any and all local humane societies in the area and ask about "Low Cost Spaying/Neutering"

    5. If he is clear of the above diseases, and after he is treated for fleas... think about bringing him in..

    6. If you do bring him in, keep him confined in a room alone until he is healed, and been fixed and given all his shots...

    7. If you can not keep him, again contact ALL the Humane Societies in the area to get him on the waiting list to get him in.. If you can afford to get him fixed, it is easier on the Humane Society... or maybe you can give a donation to them as well...

    Thank GOD you have the love and compassion to ease this poor cat's pain.... He sooo deserves a good, loving home.. I hope you can end up taking him in...