Need help and advise!

  1. Hi everyone,

    Here is my story: I bought a classic 2.55 black caviar about a month ago from chanel boutique and intended to use it today. I just check through the bag and found out that the glue on the leather strap of the chain somehow coming off and the leather part start to come off too. Also at some other part/section of the leather strap, the caviar pattern somehow fading and the width of the strap is smaller than the rest of it. I also notice that the leather strap made of 3 different section of leather and glued together to make one long strap. Is this normal? Is this a defect? Can i get an exchange or repair? does the warranty cover it?

    I'm abit dissapointed though as this is my first chanel bag :sad:. I didn't bother to really check the bag at the store because it was brought to me from the storeroom and because i trusted chanel that makes a very good quality handbag (never have this experience with Louis Vuitton for 10 years as they always have a very high quality control) since i paid so much for the bag.

    Thanks for the kind response :smile:
  2. I would definitely take it back to the boutique and show them the defects. I'm not sure what they'll do, because it honestly depends on the people working there and what they decide to do with it. Good luck!
  3. That's ridiculous!v Take it back and ask for a new one. This is one of the benefits of buying direct from a boutique, you are entitled to a quality product. I don't know what is going on with Chanel quality control lately, but I've heard a lot of similar complaints.
  4. oh no! how can i get an exchange since its already more than the 14 days return policy? i'm so sad to see this kind of quality that chanel has :sad:. I'm currently overseas now, its another 20 days before me or hubby will be able to bring it back to the store.
    I dont want to get stressful for the next 3 weeks. arrgghhhhh!!
  5. I have been trying to find the defect and repair thread in this forum but i can't find one. I'm trying to get alot of info as much as i can.
  6. Call the boutique and speak to the SA who sold it to you and explain the situation and that you can't return it until X days after the return policy because you're on vacation. They should understand, especially since you deserve a quality product because that's what you pay for.
  7. Ok i'll contact them now. Thanks for the advice :smile: Hopefully i can get a good news on it.
  8. the 14 days return policy is about when you change your mind about a bag!
    If the bag is with defects then return time is not a problem.
    since the bag was made in Europe this means that the guarantee covers the customer up to a year of the date of purchase.That's according to European merchandise law .and it concerns all products made by a European Firm/brand no matter where they are sold!
    of course Firms don't like to admit that...
    In case you no longer have the receipt which is required as a proof of purchase,they can always track it down in their system via the bag's ID number,be it the hologram and/or the authenticity card number,
    Also if it was purchased with a credit card that will show up in the copies of your account sent to you by your bank .Good luck and keep us posted!:yes:
  9. Chanelspell,

    Thank you sooo muchhh ... you make me feel so much better nowwww :sweatdrop: I just want to hug youuuu .... Hopefully if it is according to what you have said, I will be sooo much happy. I love the bag so much i still want it, thats why i'm hoping to get a new replacement instead of getting a repaired one. Its only a month old and i haven't really get a chance to really carry it around. I still have everything from the receipt, ribbon, the white cloth inside the bag, dust bag, authenticity card and care booklet and the bag always been in the box.

    My DH told me that i shouldn't change from LV to chanel but i'm so bored with LV and i feel that its not exclusive anymore, mass production, everyone has it and sooo sooo many copies around.

    Now i dont knooowwww .... i still like chanel, sooo classic and timeless :smile:
  10. you're welcome birkineSS!Chanel has always been top in quality but recently there have been issues with some bags and we had a lot of discussions on this!
    One thing I know is that we should not compromise if quality standards are not met what we paid for!
    Don't let them persuade you to have the bag fixed surely they can do an excellent job on that but it will take a lot of time and what's the point when they can always exchange it for another one right away!
    The condition of the bag is a proof that you haven't used it but even if you did the chains are not supposed to look like that after some use!
    just be firm that you want a new one !:yes:

    Although I like LV -got some bags too- I can not justify paying so much for canvas /vachettas that will eventually get dirty and brass hardware -Soorry lv fans!:graucho:
  11. :sad:Oh no. Sorry this happened to you, it does sound like a defect, it shouldn't be falling apart. Chanel has great quality and lasts for years. I hope it works out, let us know what the SA says! Missisa07 has good advice on what to say!
  12. Yes do call them first as soon as possible! then depending on their reaction use my advice!;)
  13. A lots of thanks to you guys for making me feel better :smile:

    I attach 2 pictures that clearly show the problems ...

    Pic 1 : the left one shows the caviar pattern whereas the right one somewhat fading and becoming smooth.

    Pic 2 : the left one shows the leather not glued properly or been forced to it causing the leather to open up buy itself whereas the right one is good and perfect.

    So what do you guys think of it?
    defect1.jpg defect2.jpg
  14. I'll try to call them missisa07. It might takes time to explain it over the phone :sad:
  15. I can see what you mean very clearly esp in the second pic!looks like they used 2 different kinds of leather!:tdown:
    Here's a link to a thread concerning the cabas ligne which came up lately
    Fellow Fers had no problem changing a problematic bag after quite some time and that's how it should be ,Do post us when you call your SA !:yes: