need help: Amarante, will it match black/grey/brown/beige outfit?

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  1. i'm thinking of getting the Amarante but my wardrobe consists of mostly black/grey/brown/beige and other earth tone colors.

    do you ladies think it's ok to get the Amarante with those type of outfit?

    yay or nay?

    if so, can somebody please post a picture of your Amarante wearing those types of clothes?

    thanks tPFers! ;)
  2. I don't own anything in amarante, but I think it would look wonderful with earth tones. It is very dark and a great mix of brown and burgandy. I think it is the nicest vernis colour.
  3. I think it will look great! I don't own any amarante pieces but have seen them often displayed in the store. It's a really special colour and I don't know how to explain it very good but the colour sometimes seems to change with the outfit. For an example, when it was displayed with violette, that really brought out the burgundy tones in the amarante. When my mom held it with her brown coat, it looked more brown and I even saw a pic of someone on the board who wore it with a blue dress and the amarante seemed a bit like a petrol colour.
  4. I think it will look great with brown and beige colours!
    Regina :smile:
  5. No question.....amarante goes beautifully with all of those!
  6. ITS:tup::yes:
  7. I think Amarante is one of those few colors that can match with almost anything!
    It is a chameleon color... it seems to go well with earth and sky tones.
  8. I agree with what everyone has posted. I have an Amarante Summit Drive and can pair it with many different outfits. The Summit Drive makes it a bit easier to pair with earth tones because of the vachetta. Sorry no modeling pics - I am at work.
  9. Amarante will definitely work with neutrals easily!
  10. thanks ladies, i'm getting the Roxbury Drive in Amarante, with matching cles :love:
  11. ^^^ Oh how pretty! Definitely get her. You will not regret it. Everytime I wear out my Amarante I get compliments on her color.