Need help! Advice!

  1. AW: Addison Leather Boots

    So I bought these and am having difficulty walking in them. the leather on the front is not give me room to be flexible with my feet so I topple to the front.

    Does anyone have tip(s) in walking in them or any heels that have such crazy arch?
  2. What's the heel height and platform on the shoe? Have you tried stretching the shoe to get a bit more room on the top of your foot?
  3. i haven't yet what should i use to stretch them out?

    the height of the heel is 140mm/ 5.5 inches with a 30mm/ 1 inch concealed platform.
  4. You could try the sock trick - wear thick socks with the boots and walk around a bit to see if you can get the leather to stretch. To get the leather to where your feet would be comfortable may not be possible without the help of a cobbler.

    There are a few threads about walking in stilettos that might actually help you out more than trying to stretch the boots.

    Good luck! They look like fun boots!
  5. If they are leather they will eventually stretch with the warmth of your feet. Wear them as 'slippers' around the house, even in front of the TV, rotating your ankles and breaking them in they will eventually they will 'give'.
  6. thats a great idea Tygriss i'll be sure to try the sock
    and i'll have to check out the threads.

    thank you :heart:

  7. Thank you Papertiger. I'll have to clean the boots and just walk around downstairs since it's marble floors...carpet is way too easy to walk on. hahaha

    I look like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars when I walk in them. Hahhahahaha
  8. ha haa, well I know my first try in 4" heels I definitely thought I'd be more graceful if I had a cane. But practice makes perfect. (Still not perfect...)
  9. :wtf: My post reads so terribly! I am so sorry my ipad changes things all the time (this is why I cant write emails for work- can you imagine :rolleyes:)

    I meant sit in front of the TV with your boots on, not even walk and move your feet around to break IN the leather (not your ankles :shame:smile:. I hope you know what I meant really.

    My sister has an even better solution, she gets me to wear her new shoes and boots as I have slightly smaller feet, once I have softened e leather it's easier for her.

    Again so sorry, sorry, sorry

  10. Oh don't sweat it. I hate technology...this font app i use messes up my spellings. I feel like a foreigner. As long as I get the message straight I'm good to go.

    Thank you for clarifying though. Just sitting will do? I guess to give the front of my boots space right? Not give it more lines hahaha

    Thank you so much!
  11. True true. Haven't been wearing heels as much as I used to so I have to fake my gracefulness...I tripped at church by not paying attention on...WEDGES...ugh embarrassing but still I sprang right back up and walked in...hahahahahah

    Practice makes perfect indeed!!!