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  1. Hello everyone I hope someone out there can help me with my problem. I posted a long time ago about having a credit note at Hermes which I needed to cash in in some way. People suggested buying something and reselling. So this is what I did - buying an Hermes. Unfortunately I have had absolutely no luck in selling it, although I have tried in many places, including numerous times on eBay. I now desperately need to raise some money and would like to redeem this money at any cost - even losing a couple of thousand.
    Can anyone suggest anything that I have not already done?
    Many thanks for any info.
    truly a Dumby!
  2. ^If you're ready to lose some money, I would offer it to a reseller to sell for you.
  3. hi dumby -- i don't recall seeing it on eBay. was it eBay canada? if so, i'd list in the US. oh, but i did see some green lizards listed - was it one of those?
  4. Hi Dumby,
    I just sent you a message, I too am from Toronto.
  5. I don't think any listings put up in Canada are just shown in Canada.
    It is a 25cm Vert Fonce Birkin Handbag in Fjord leather. Very cute and of course gorgeous. And yes Hello, I think sadly that I am going to have to take a loss in selling it.
  6. what is your asking price?
  7. It sounds gorgeous. I would definitely suggest either consigning it to a reseller, or offering to sell it to one. You might get the highest price for it from Createurs de Luxe, though she seems to be well stocked at the moment.
  8. Yep, I noticed this too. They really have been increasing production as of late.
  9. please read our rules before you get yourslef banned.
  10. ^Is that Canadian or US? Either way, the price seems a bit steep for a 25 in Fjord.
    I am a bit surprised that nobody here has seen your listings, we're watching ebay pretty closely as a group.
  11. I think she means Canadian.

    I was actually wondering why I hadn't seen the listing for the bag as well, but on second thought I'm not sure I didn't. Was it vert anis?
    Something in the back of my mind seems to recall either a 25 or 30cm vert anis Birkin being sold from Canada in the last month or so, but I don't have it on any watch lists still or anything to see if it's the same one.
  12. ^Vert fonce. FOR SURE some of us would have remembered vert fonce.
  13. read our rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. have a look at our rules please.
  15. ^Thanks for the listing!
    Perhaps it might help if you offer to sell it worldwide?
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