Need help/advice with 1st LV!

  1. I somehow accumulated almost $400 worth of gift certificates for Macys, except that the Macy's where i live doesn't carry LV. is it true that the Macy's in Herald Sq in NYC carries it? if so, any idea if i can use the gift certificates on them?

    if i can, i'm thinking of getting a Speedy 25 since it seems to be the most classic LV bag esp for its price. what do you all think? if not the Speedy, what do you suggest for a good day/night bag? i want something that's classic, doesn't have to fit a whole lot, but if it can, great...

    hoping to get some good advice from the LV experts :P Thanks!
  2. you should call LV in macy's and ask if you can use your gift certificate there.

    i think that speedy 25 is a good choice. are you thinking about getting the monogram, the damier, or the epi? FYI, the speedy 25 fits a lot.
  3. the macys near madison sq. has Vuitton store inside. its locate in 34 St. NYC
    i have no idea whether you can use the certificate or not...but it worth to call.

    speedy is a very classic bag...and it is timeless piece.:yes:
    i recently purchase a papillon 26....when is about the same price range, you might take a look a well.

    dont know if my post helps you or not...hoping you will get a wonderful bag.

  4. I would definitely call first! I had $400 in Sak's gift certificates and they were not good on Louis Vuitton or other leased areas. (Of course, I was still able to spend it but...)
  5. A mono speedy is definitely a favorite starter bag, but some people might find it a bit small. If you want something that can potentially hold a lot, you should upgrade to the speedy 30, which isn't that much more expensive than the 25 (and it's not extremely huge, either). Definitely ask if they'll take your gift certificate! That'd be so great if they did :nuts:
  6. Yes you can use Macy's gift certificates !!!! :smile: and your Macys CC if you have one
  7. The Macy's in Downtown Minneapolis has an LV store. When it used to be Marshall's Field (before they got taken over by Macy's :sad: ) they would honor a gift card/certificate at the LV store. Unfortunately, not sure if Macy's would honor the same policy, so you should call, you never know. :smile:
  8. I agree about calling first to check. I think you should be fine though, I was able to use Bloomies gift cards at the LV in Bloomingdales NYC. Bloomies is a Federated store like Macys so I would think it would be okay...?
  9. I have used Macys gift cards at the Macys LV...I used it to pay for my groom agenda. I'm positive.
  10. if you like the monogram speedy 25, make sure you check out the damier speedy 25. You might like the print better or find that it suits your wardrobe more. =)
  11. IMHO, both Speedy 25 and 30 are great sizes and a style that all LV lover's should own! :love:
  12. Speedy 25, most definitely. Absolutely classic and timeless, not to mention more bag for your money.....:yes:
  13. i looove the damier speedy 25 the most!