Need Help/Advice - Poor Shopping Experience!

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  1. Hello all, I normally am more of a lurker than anything in the PurseForum but after a recent experience I figured you ladies and gents were the best people to ask for advice with this situation. In November I bought a pair of Chanel combat boots, they were gorgeous and I saved up for a decent amount of time to purchase them. To my utter horror and despair within three weeks of purchasing them the silver Chanel logo in the back fell off. I immediately called up the place I bought them from (Hirshleifer's in Manhasset) the woman shared my shock that something like this would happen soon after the boots were purchased and advised I come in right away to get them repaired.

    When I went to the store the manager was very cordial and said they would order the piece from Paris but it would take a bit of time, this was in early December. I completely understood and was willing to wait patiently. Almost four months has passed with no further communication from the store. I have called there probably within 15-25 times and each time a SA states that they will call me back as soon as a manager is available to assist me but my call is never returned. This has become incredibly frustrating.

    Having worked in retail before, I know that sometimes thinks can be overlooked. Therefore, when I call the store I am nothing but polite to each SA that takes my number down. However, it is getting a bit ridiculous that no one has returned my calls within these four months and with my busy work schedule I haven't had a chance to head down there in person (they close at 6)

    I'm not really sure what to do at this point and would be eternally grateful for advice. Having this be my first experience with a repair, I'm not sure how long they usually take but I would definitely appreciate communication from the store, seeing as I've tried to reach out to them many times.

    Thanks in advance!
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    If you are still near the store, I'd march right back in there and ask to speak with the manager and tell them what you have just told us, then ask for an update as to how much longer it will be. I usually find that when you are physically present, it's not so easy for someone to not respond to you.

    I don't know how they get logos (I'm guessing that is what fell off) from Chanel in France, but I'd guess it would depend on the size, etc. This can take some time, and if you really liked the logo on there, you might want to contact Chanel customer service to complain about it falling off so quickly.

    Are your shoes with you or the store? If they are at the store, I'd get them back and only take them in when the part is in. I'd think that normally the repair would be done by Chanel, not the store, but some stores have repair departments. I'm the opposite from you; I'm always looking for ways to take the logos off. :smile:

    Oh, and Penny is the best one to speak with regarding Chanel.

    chasing my Rainbow
  3. Hi geekchic! :smile: I'm sorry to hear that the cc logo fell off from your boots. How disappointing.:sad: I would keep following up with hirshleifers on the status of the charm.

    To give you some peace of mind (and hopefully perspective), I've had Chanel ordered a charm for me that ended up taking close to a year to get here from Paris. I did follow up periodically and the local boutique really didn't have too much control how long this would take. I am currently waiting for a charm that fell off of another Chanel bag that I've waited over a year and still nothing yet.

  4. That's a bust. I agree that you should go on in there and rage.
  5. I don't think raging is the answer, but being politely firm usually is the best way. Chanel does take a long time to do repairs/ship parts, so the store may still be waiting on Chanel. However, it would be nice for the store to return your calls, so I'd either go in person or shoot an email to Penny. She's pretty responsive.

    chasing my Rainbow
  6. I agree. Be polite but gently assertive :smile:
    The slow pace of Chanel may not be their fault, but communication and courtesy is something they should be giving as a matter of course :smile: x
  7. Sorry thus is happening to you. Can you ask for a refund and get a new pair? What was exactly Louis Vuitton did for me when a piece of LV logo fall off my sandals.
  8. Escalate now. Department manager, store manager, etc.... Escalate it immediately, no more dealing with SAs.
  9. If possible do the above in writing, it usually works faster. :smile: