Need Help/Advice on my Podium Order!!!

  1. Yeah, my SA just let me know that he can request a PO for me!!!! I immediately had visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. What color, what leather, what hardware . . . .

    And requested a Box 35 cm birkin in . . . .

    My SA interrupted me saying that this podium both Box and Chamonix is not available for Birkins. **sigh**

    Has anyone else been told this???
    What do I choose now??
    Help!! I have this great opportunity that I do not want to miss out on!!!

    I want:

    a stiff leather that is
    light and durable;
    can clean up well with Spa treatments;
    and looks good in a gold tone?

    Would you choose Vache Liegee or Chevre??
  2. yes there is very little supply of these materials--they may be saying this just to avoid an almost certain rejection. either of those other leathers would be terrific. i ordered gold in chevre...
  3. Sus, from what I am told...the only way you can get a box birkin is a SO. Can you get an SO? It will take longer of course, but eventually you will get it.

    What do you like in VL?
    WHat do you like in Chevre?
  4. Gold for sure?
  5. ^^ yes, ask if you can SO box.
  6. I will ask - thanks Rose & Kellybag.

    I have only accessories in chevre and like it for them v. much. Which (Chevre vs Vache Liegee) is lighterweight, more durable, and better looking in gold?

    My SA did say I also could request a PO for a 35cm black Box Kelly.
  7. Sus, I just went through this last week. I sat with my store's manager and we reviewed the choices and what would be likely to be accepted as a PO (I did not broach the SO question, not the right time for me). Box was not looking promising although that is what I desperately want. So I chose raisin togo. I did not look into other leathers...I have needed to get something in togo for a while so I figured this was my chance. I think chevre is probably lighter than VL. VL is pretty stiff. I've seen VL in noisette and it's a lovely (and practical) color...a few shades darker than gold (if you are gold person; I am not).
  8. are they offering chevre though? they have not been.
  9. Congratulations on being offered a PO, Sus!

    Both Chevre and VL are great leathers, IMO. I personally find VL lighter than Chevre.

    Gold VL is beautiful.
  10. Does chevre come in gold? I think the closest is caramel, but I might be wrong. I too think gold VL is very nice indeed! I've heard that VL does soften up a little with use. I love chevre but my concern with it is with potential scuffing of corners, particularly if you are going to go for a 35cm Birkin. This is something that has me leaning toward a 30 in chevre or perhaps 35 in VL for myself.
  11. Thanks Pepper, Guccigal, Mrs. Sparkles and Serenity Now.

    I will ask about a special order but if not probably go for VL because as mentioned by Serenity Now, Chevre has the potential for scuffed corners in 35cm. That way I have Chevre on the inside with all of my accessories.

    And you are right SN, Chevre is not gold but carmel. I've just always wanted a bag in this tone even tho I have a natural bag. For me a black bag and a gold bag are my perfect basics.
  12. mine went in for chevre
  13. Congratulations Hermesaholic. Specifics???
  14. hum,.. I was under the impression that Box is only available through SO unless someone declines one.
  15. I'd choose gold VL. :drool: Such a gorgeous combo. Congrats!:yahoo: