Need help adding color

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  1. Here is a recent picture of the bags I currently have, There are 3 glams missing from the picture
    my legacy(selling) , ruby(selling), and black first gen glam.
    As well as my lv's ..

    I'm now looking to add some color but not sure which, and or style of bag.

    Thoughts, suggestions?
    From left to right
    leather glam, bordie bby, dove abby, fush maggie, dove glam, champagne katarina(debating the sale)
    embellished sophia, pewter woven sophia(sellling), denim domed satchel, orchid maggie, Liquid purple madison tote
    toffee croc sophia, purple dot sophia(selling), Siggy katarina, black leather katarina,
    yellow signature stripe satchel.

  2. My suggestions something with Gold/Yellow/Mustard or Green/Teal tones
  3. teal.. perhaps a madison tote? Not sure that would work with my closet of clothes... I will have to check out the mod thread.
  4. Beautiful collection BTW :smile:
  5. thank you!! This one maybe ?
  6. I agree that something in the green family and maybe something in the orange family. The Madison tote is gorgeous and would def be a great addition to your collection.
  7. Yes! :biggrin:
  8. What a beautiful "family." You just need green, and the saffron you've been hunting for.
  9. What about something in Patent Crimson Red?
  10. Agree!
  11. You don't think that is too much with bordie and orchid ?
  12. Crimson is definitely too close to the orchid. A few weeks ago i had SAs in multiple stores mistake my orchid maggie for the new crimson.


    Crimson clutch on left and orchid wallet on right. The flash makes them look a little more different than they look in person. If you look at the edges of the wallet where the flash dint catch the shimmer you can see they're very similar.

    I would say either the Aegean tote you mentioned above, or possibly the jade isabelle that's coming out next month. As for matching the green with your wardrobe, it seems like its a good color as you wouldnt run into the red, pink, burgundy issues nor would you have the black/brown/navy issues.

    There's also a cobalt Willis coming out in two weeks. I know this is probably not your type of bag as you seem to have similar tastes to mine, but maybe the cobalt patent will come in something in the Madison.
  13. Something Saffron!
  14. Something green or teal!
  15. Some green and some orange. Beautiful collection, btw, we have similar taste!