Need help accessorizing!

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  1. So I found a cute dress on sale that I'll be able to use for graduation and through the summer when I need to dress up a bit. I can't find my camera cord right now, so I'll do my best to describe it.

    Its strapless with a yellow and white abstract floral pattern. There is a yellow sash that ties right under the bust line. Falls away from the hip area and is knee length. Sounds totally atrocious, lol! It'll be warm in May when I graduate but I need something to put over it when we go out to dinner afterwards.

    Cardigan, shoes, HELP! I'm always clueless when it comes to summer dresses!
  2. an Empire waist dress?

    I think a nice shawl or cardigan sweater (think banana republic sweaters in cotton) 3/4 sleeves (white or cream)

    open back heeled slides. (are you allowed to wear open toes maybe?)

    Hoop earrings (not too big) or studs.
  3. Yes, its Empire waist, couldn't think of that!

    Oh, I can wear whatever the hell kind of shoes I want. Its college graduation..I could show up in shorts and tshirt if I really wanted!
  4. I'm picturing it with an ivory or light beige silk draping shawl-jacket. It's difficult to describe (and I'm not sure how easily you could find one), but here's a picture similar to what I'm thinking (except in yellow haha). I'd do something like this, with shorter sleeves and a bit less structure at the shoulders. Think kimono. Sort-of. Hope this helps, and congratulations in advance!
  5. Actually, this is a little better of an example. Except in green, and with sleeves, and it wouldn't be as long. Sorry, if this doesn't make sense just ignore me haha.