Need help accessorizing this red dress for a wedding!

  1. I'm going to my mom's best friend's daughter's wedding (what a mouthful!) next weekend. I bought this red dress to wear, but I don't know what to wear with it. Should I accessorize with black things, gold things, or another color? Any ideas? Thanks for any advice, girls! :smile:
  2. Cute dress!:tup:
    What colour of shoes will you be wearing?

  3. That's what I don't know! :nogood: What color shoes? What color stockings? What color handbag? Gold or silver jewelry?
  4. I love red dresses with gold shoes and jewelry...
  5. [​IMG]

    Okkkaayy, so i'd leave the neck bare since there is quite a bit of detail at the bust and especially at a wedding you want to avoid looking cluttered..

    I'd then go for a bold cuff bracelet like this one to add interest (plus, they're very in at the moment and will keep a red dress from looking even the tiniest bit 'Christmas-y'.. which is something i think about this time of year)-


    Earrings i'll leave up to you because i think everyone is super different with their taste.. but i'd just wear something pretty simple that wont detract from the rest of the outfit.

    For shoes i'd go with a fairly classic pointed toe heel.. most colours would work, but i'd stay away from black (i think it would weigh down the outfit).

    For a bag i'd definitely go for something in a nice 'POP' colour. A deep purple would be fantastic!

    Hope this helps!

  6. Thanks for the suggestions so far! I have blonde hair and fair skin so I prefer gold tone jewelry to silver. I'll pair the dress with nude stockings and basic pointy-toe gold pumps. I'll wear gold bangles (or a gold cuff if I can find one I like!) and dangling gold earrings to add interest, but no necklace to avoid over doing it. I have an adorable gold beaded clutch similar to the one in the picture. Let me know what you think!
    BR_red_dress.jpg gold_pumps_for_red_dress.jpeg gold_clutch_beaded.jpeg gold_bangles.jpeg tear_drop_earrings.jpeg
  7. any thoughts?? :p
  8. That sounds very a pic when you get it all on...
  9. I think the gold accessories will look beautiful with your coloring!

    I love everything you posted, except the earrings. I like the idea of dangly gold ones, but to be honest I'm not crazy about that particular pair...
  10. Haha I'm not crazy about that particular pair either! They were the first pair of dangly gold earrings I found while I was searching for a picture to complete my "outfit idea" so in they went. I'll hunt down a pretty pair to wear for the actual wedding! :p

    I'll post pictures of the final outfit when I get all dolled up for the wedding! Thanks again!
  11. I like the idea of pairing it with gold! I'd choose simple hoop earrings and a more intricate bracelet as focal point. But that's just me (I'm not a fan of earrings lol).
  12. I LOVE it with gold. It sounds like all of the pairings will go nicely with your skin tone!

  13. First of all gorgeous choice of dress! And I agree with jfhave...but do not over do the jewerly...a nice gold bracelet will do!
  14. I agree with all the girls on gold shoes.
    But how about black shoes?

    You could wear the dress with chunky black jewlerry?

    If not the gold would be super cute too:tup:

  15. I totally agree, I love red dresses, and I love wearing gold with them. I feel black would be a bit "gothy" personally :smile: