Need help accessorizing my new patent grey zoe!

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  1. Hello everyone! I am new here and this is my very first post :yes: I'm not new to coach, I've actually been collecting coach for quite some years now and I'm uncertain as to why I hadn't join here a long time ago :confused1:
    Anyways, I want to accesorize my new patent zoe and I'm not sure what to put on her? a scarf? what color? a keyfob? The bags' hardware is brass and I currently have a new coach keyfob (the cute little mouse.. hehe) but the ring is nickle and I'm uncertain as to how it would look, brass and nickle. Maybe a brass key ring would look better but I haven't seen many of those. Unless you guys know of some. Thanks for any and all suggestions guys!
    P.S. Feels great to be among fellow coach lovers like myself!

    pic borrowed from ebay
  2. I'd keep the cute mouse for something else...his color is too similar to the need more of a "pop", IMO.

    I'd like these scarves with your bag, I think.
    (all pics borrowed from the bay)
  3. How about the Legacy Lip Gloss Charm? Those stripes seem to go with anything! Or...there's an embossed white butterfly keyfob with brass hardware (like the red one) I saw last week at the outlet.

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  4. I agree with 90046 about the mouse, which is absolutely adorable, but may blend in with the bag too much. As far as scarfs, 90046 has some great ideas. My favorite would be the op art scarf (the first scarf she posted). Can't wait to see how you dress your bag up.

    By the way, welcome the tPF. Now that you are here, your purse and accessory collection/wardrobe will definitely increase. The people here are so knowledgable and enabling!!
  5. wow! there's a white butterfly? :nuts:
  6. Yes. It's like the red one (on my bag). I think there is a slight border on it in yellow or light green. I'm kicking myself for not buying it because I got the lanyard with a small enamel blue butterfly/white flower instead.

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  7. i have the red one too and i love it! one of coach's best fobs i reckon! i hope the white one turns up on the bay! :nuts:
  8. I don't care for the scarves above personally with that bag (I'm not sure they look great with that color patent, and I've seen all IRL), but actually I would like a pop of contrasting color. I have the red butterfly in patchworkcat's photo, and I think it would look great on your bag!
  9. Another suggestion is to find a scarf the same colour as the lining of the grey patent Zoe. I'm not sure if it's light pink. If so, a scarf that contains the grey and pink could be a nice fixture.

    It's not a fixed deal--you could switch scarves or keyfobs from time to time so you can get fobs and scarves and dress your outfit from the bag out.

    Good luck!
  10. I think even though the newest flower FOB has silver hardware it would look GORGEOUS on this!!!
  11. Thanks for all of the suggestions girls! I really like 90046's idea of the scarves she mentioned especially the first one (op art) and I also really like the butterfly fob suggested by patchworkcat. I hadn't seen that fob before. So I don't know if I should get the red one (saw a couple on ebay) or wait and see if a white one shows up there? hmmm.. decisions, decisions.
  12. I would go for the op art gray, black, orange and cream scarf :tup:
  13. The op art is my favorite of all the ones shown too.
  15. The signature flower charm or apple charm would look cute on it. If you're looking for brass, you might check out the 3-D fish keyfob.