Need Help: About Loewe Napa Aire

  1. Hi guys,

    I seriously need help for Loewe Napa Aire.
    My friend in Hong Kong helped me to ask the SA there about it, but the SA told her that she cannot order the original colors anymore. The colors that are available for order are only the metallic ones. Is it true in Europe as well? (Like UK or Spain)

    And does anyone know the price of it in Euros?
    The one that I am looking for is the smaller size with long handles.
    My preference for the colors is: 1st Apple Green, 2nd Red, 3rd Yellow.

    My other friend is going to Spain soon, so I am thinking to ask her to help me buy there or wait until I back to HK and buy it by myself. (The Euros are very expensive now!)

    Please share your experience if you have ordered or bought one recently.

  2. I hadn't seen or heard of these bags before in the US and unfortunately can't answer your questions, but I hope you can find the color you want because they look really nice. I love hearing about new designers from around the world.
  3. Love Loewe! Unfortunately there are no retail stores in the U.S. :sad:
  4. would love to get a Loewe Napa Aire here in NY too....
  5. ^ I saw someone carrying the apple green once, and it's sooo pretty!!! Such a great bag. hope you'll be able to find one!
  6. i found out coz the colors in spring/summer are different with A/W..
    so now i wont be able to find an apple green....

    hopefully the color will be out again in S/S08!