Need Help about Chanel Leather Types

  1. I just ordered my first Chanel, its pictured below. Can someone explain to me the various types of leathers, I know what patent is, but not sure about mine which is described as antiqued quilted calf leather, or caviar. Is one kind of leather more expensive in general than the others. Also, I've been reading prior posts and noticed that there are alot of warnings about patent white bags with discoloration and or color transfer. Do you think this will be a problem with the one I just purchased. They had it in black, but I just fell in love with the ivory.

  2. cant see pic!
  3. Maybe this will help?
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  4. I can't see the photo either, please use our attach tools to post it, you can just click on thepaperclip icon to select a photo from your PC.

    If you're referring to the Vintage Ligne Bowler you just ordered fromNM, then it's distressed calfskin - relatively easy to maintain.

    Caviar is Chnel's MOST durable, it usually has a slightly pebbly texture.
  5. Sorry about the picture, I'm trying again. Hope it works.
  6. did I answer you question?

    Just noticed you asked abour priciest leather, it's usually lambskin, but that's also the most delicate.
  7. I'm a Chanel convert / newbie so can't help you with the leather, but must say - beautiful bag
  8. How about color transfers on the ivory calfskin--do you think its a concern?
  9. I've been carrying mine a lot w/ not issues, I will say I usually wear a brand new {= LOTS of fresh dye} red Burberry jacket and an older black Burberry jacket, plus a red wool winter pea coat and no problems yet :biggrin:
    Also, baby wipes have kept her immaculate!