Need help!! Abbey med tote vs. Abbey large tote??

  1. Hi Ladies!
    PLease give me your opinion on these 2 bags. I can't ask my husband (he doesn't understand and will tell me to return them both!). Do you own either of the two? If so, how do you like them? Do you think the med tote abbey is too plain looking? What about the large abbey? Does that look a little too much with the pockets and zipper in the front of the bag? I bought them both. One on presale and one from the 10% sale and I can only keep one. Which would you keep? Any pictures to post would be helpful since I don't have the large one at home - it's still at the store.

    Here's the link to the large one because I don't see it on the US website anymore.

    The medium is the one with the zip top and I got it in the ecru color. I wonder if it's the color that makes it look like an older person's bag??? Please any advise is appreciated since I only have a couple of days to decide.

  2. That's a toughy! umm.. I wouldn't keep them both because they are so similar...hmm, I guess you can consider what you will be keeping in there to help you decide. Will you use the outside pockets of the first bag? Good luck deciding!
  3. Thanks for responding. I'm not sure if I'll use those pockets. I will probably use the zipper part. Do you think the large abbey will be "dated" soon?
  4. Sorry I don´t like the pockets - but the other bag :yes:
  5. I prefer the medium shoulder bag. The large one is a bit chubby.
  6. I really like the larger Abbey with the pockets! I have been eyeing that bag, and might get it during the sale.
  7. I think it depends on what you need to carry. I always try by putting all my stuff in...
  8. I like the large one, but I think it's more of a work or travel bag and less of a "purse" if you know what I mean. It depends on what you need more - and how much you need to hold. Both are nice. Is the price about the same?
  9. I definitely like the large abbey better, the pockets makes it look a little more unique. But do you already have something that looks similar to the large abbey? If you do, then go w/the medium.
  10. i would go with the medium...looks more classy and i like the zipper closure thing. and i don't like the pockets too :smile: let us know what you decide ok?
  11. i like the medium w/zipper~~ classic bag
  12. yes, they are around the same price. The med is around $30 more I think. I have a bag similiar to the medium one, but it is coach. I carry things but I don't think I would fill up either one of the two bags completely with all my things. For work, I use a different bag.... but I could the big one for work things. I need to decide tonight because I'm going to the store tomorrow. I guess I'll try it on again and then decide.
    Thanks for all the replies!