Need help...a mean buyer...

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  1. Hi
    I felt really bad now. My first time bad feedback was leaving by a mean buyer. I relisted the purse for her and the bag was in great condition (I swear to God) and I also left a good feedback for her. After few weeks, she just gave me a surprise, the feedback said " the purse smells like a rotten potato." I totally didn't get it. It was a Marc by Marc Jacobs purse and you gals knew how the MJ's leather smells like. No way it smells like a rotten potato. I don't know how UPS delivered the bag, but it shouldn't have a big problem. I really think that she is trying to give me a hard time. What should I do after getting a negative feedback? Should I contact with eBay? I don't think there is a way to communicate with that mean buyer. Can you guys tell me what should I do after getting a bad review? I am panic because it's my first one. Please help~~~~~ Thanks
  2. I did everything I could...provided tracking#, perfect packing, and asking her if she got the package...but she just gave me the bad one without communicating with me. :shrugs::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  3. I'm sorry this happened to you. I have to laugh at the rotten potato! What does that smell like?? It sounds like buyers remorse.
  4. I'd contact her adn try to open some communication.
    She should have contacted you first.
    If you can communicate w/ her, it's possible she'd be willing to mutually withdraw the feedback.
  5. A lot of sellers do not leave feedback until after the buyer has done so. This may help you in the future. The suggestion about mutually withdrawing feedback is a good one. If that fails, I think you can add to the feedback you left her. I've seen rotten potatoes but cannot recall that they stank. So sorry this happened to you.
  6. These days, it could be just some wacky person, or it could be some scheme designed to get the money refunded, keep the bag and resell it.

    Doesn't eBay offer some kind of "escrow" for situations like this? If not, somebody is bound to, and I would offer to put her money in that escrow while you wait for the bag to be returned in the condition it was shipped, at which time the funds will be released from escrow, and back to her.
  7. Oh sorry this happened to a seller I definitely wait until I get feedback and the buyer is happy with the product....yes you can add to the feedback you gave her.....with selling on Ebay you're bound to come across some bad apples.....whats important is that you reply to her on your negative feedback, really calmly, sticking to the facts, that the bag was in good condition etc.....I always look for people's reactions to feedback after they've been left a negative.....but hopefully she'll retract.
  8. As a seller I NEVER leave feedback first, I dont need a buyer who has a bug up her ass to play games with my feedback. I leave positive feedback after its left for me first. I do send a reminder to please leave feedback, but if they dont, then the feedback option for them goes away after 90 days.
  9. That's terrible that the buyer did that to you; I'm sorry. But yes, in the future, definitely WAIT until the buyer leaves feedback (positive or negative) for you. There are crappy buyers, I admit that; this buyer probably felt that he/she had the upper hand once you left feedback for him/her.

    There should be an option to mutually withdraw feedback if it still bothers you. I cannot say for sure, though, since I've never sold anything.
  10. That's awful, I hope you are able to work it out and they agree to withdraw the feedback.
  11. Rotten potato is the worst smell EVER... I had a lazy roommate at one time...:throwup:

    I had a similar thing happen to me, sold an item in like new condition and I get this completely unwarranted -fb from an ebay newbie. I contacted ebay about removing the feedback from my profile since what the buyer stated was completely false... no cigar. And the buyer wouldn't mutually withdraw either :rant:.
  12. So eBay couldn't remove the negative feedback for you? I was thinking to close the account and start a new one. How do you think? BTW, I had never smelled the rotten potato, did it smell worse than a dead rat?
  13. eBay won't remove feedback unless both people mutually agree to it.

    IF you don't really have any feedback now, sure go ahead and start a new one, but you'll need a new e-amil addy adn Paypal account as well I believe.
  14. My advice is two fold: suck it up and accept the occasional unfair negative as part of the eBay game. The other thing you can do is to go into the Feedback Forum, pull up her feedback and put your response to her comments. Be polite and state only the facts. I have NO respect for sellers that make nasty follow-ups to negative feedbacks. You can also go into your feedback to her and write a follow-up to state that while she completed the transaction, that she left you a negative without attempting to resolve the issue (or whatever you want to say). When I see a seller with a few negatives, I always look at them to see what the seller's comments are. There are times that the comments are reasonable and I'll still deal with the seller. If they resort to nasty name calling, I'm SO outta there!!
  15. Its too bad that some eBayers will leave negative feedback without communication or it being warranted..

    However, as a buyer, I really hate not getting feedback until I have left my positive Feedback. I ALWAYS pay instantly, and communicate effectively with my sellers. But, if I have an issue that is not resolved, I should be able to leave feedback and still get honest feedback myself. Its gotten to the point where I either lie, or just dont leave any. If I lie, I get positive feedback, if I dont leave any, I dont get any. Why is feedback being used as ransom?