Need help, 4 diamond and no diamond love bracelet the same width??

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  1. This might sound like a silly story. Hopefully you lovely members can ease my mind. The screw on my 4 diamond love came loose a few times and I happened to be in Paris so dropped by one of the (smaller) boutiques. My plain love had no problems. The gentleman asked me if I wanted to have them both cleaned and have the diamond one glued with watchmaker glue. He said do you want me to clean and polish it a little? I said I don't want a polish. He said no it's free of charge, not a real polish I'll just clean and buff it up. Stupid me, I just thought a buff with a cloth.
    It took forever.. I just thought they put it in an ultrasonic bath for a while to clean and looked at the screw. He came back and they looked completely polished and he put watchmaker glue on both of the bracelets screws!!! He told me casually while putting them on. It was just one screw on the 4 diamond bracelet that came loose!! And nothing was wrong with the plain love at all.
    I said that's not what I wanted, he said oh madam you agreed to this. It's not a polish, just a quick buff?!?
    The plain love was my push present and I really really could cry as I loved all the little scratches I made the past 2 years.....

    So the real question: I keep looking at them together and in my eye and in my mind the plain love looks a bit thinner than the 4 diamond one! Is this normal? Never looked so closely and maybe the idea is just in my head now. Could it be possible he polished too much gold off one side of the bracelet? To my eye the right side (the side at the upper part of my arm/ the free side, not against the other bracelet) looks like the screws look closer to the edge/side than the other side??? Could this even be possible?
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467526571.890924.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467526589.529700.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467526603.387408.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467526615.976869.jpg
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  4. So sorry to hear about what the SA did to your bracelets! Sometimes we say what we want and dont want, but other people misinterpret what we really want! Did you measure the bracelets with a ruler? IMO, when I bought the love band with diamonds, my SA told me it the width would be a little bigger than the non-diamond love band, due to having diamonds and to accommodate the diamonds. I see a very minute difference. They look gorgeous on you!
  5. Thank you for your reply. I managed to take The plain love off and look more closely. I've worked at a jeweller myself so know what can go wrong with a simple 'buff' if someone doesn't do it properly. The SA has buffed (this is against the brush machine as he verified when I asked) one side too much. The edge isn't so sharp anymore but rounded. That's why it looks a bit like the screws aren't completely in the middle anymore. They are but the edge is a little bit rounded now. I can cry.... You can't repair this as you can't put gold on it anymore. They can only remove more gold (with a proper polish) to make both sides the same.

    Anyone knows what the policy is??? Will I have to live with this? Shall I choose the proper polish now to make it more even (with the knowledge they're will be some gold removed)?
    Would they ever offer a replacement if they can see that this has actually changed the look of the bracelet??
  6. I'm sorry this has happened to you. I totally sympathize with your situation. I'm extremely anal about things and I can analyze them to death. In all honesty, in these photos, only you and I and people alike us would ever be able to tell. It's unknown to the naked eye but I would be extremely bothered by the rounded edge of the bracelet. I feel it takes away from the crispness of the design, hence I even refuse to use the polishing cloths you can buy on the market. Even those if you become obsessed and use it too often, will eventually do similar things, obviously not to the extent of the polishing wheel. I'm so sorry that the communication wasn't clear and that he misunderstood what you wanted done to the bracelets. If I were you, I would go back to the store to express your dissatisfaction and see if the manager or upper management team can rectify the situation. It would bother me tremendously, these bracelets are not cheap and the fact that they bring sentimental meaning to the wearer, means it should be complete happiness when the bracelet is serviced and returned. I hope things work out for you.
  7. Sorry you are going through this. If it's any consolation, they look perfect n the pics to the naked eye. They are truly gorgeous.

    I have an unrelated question for you since what they did to your bracelet they did to mine too (without an explanation first). They told me they would just dip it in the bath and they I got it back it had marks all over it (they came off) but then the SA told me is because they polish it a bit. Not what I wanted but there's not much I can do about it now. My question is this, I now have to tighten the screws multiple times a day. Did this happen to you? I actually took it to Cartier yesterday so they can look at it and tell me what's wrong with it. When the SA took it off, she noticed how loose the screws were and how easily they came off. I never had a problem with the screws until Cartier did the dip and light polish. Have you had the same problem? Thanks so much and sorry to hijack your thread!
  8. I just wanted to say they look beautiful and amazing on you. I don't think it looks thinner at all.
  9. Sorry for my late reply. I didn't notice the same problem because they glued mine on with the watchmaker glue. I took them off and now they're at Cartier to investigate what has happened.
    The edges are now rounded on both of my bracelets and because of that one looks more thin than the other. I now know that's only how it looks because one of the edges is rounded more than the other (I had them checked by a goldsmith who confirmed my feelings)
  10. It's hard to see on the picture, however it looks like it because the edges are now rounded.

    Here's a before and after pic
  11. To me it does look thiner
  12. Appalling service if you ask me. Completely not what you asked for and it has changed your bracelets. I would make a formal complaint in writing about the emotional impact on yourself with plenty of photos and any confirmations from jewellers or other boutiques about your concerns. You deserve an apology and in my eyes, some sort of compensation.

    However, they look absolutely stunning on you and your memories will not go. Can you locate photos you've taken of your bracelets before they were polished? Then you can still view your lovely life imperfections on then, but now your bracelets are ready for some new adventures