Need help! 2 LV LEs or 1 discontinued Balenciaga First?!?


2 LV LE pochettes or 1 Balenciaga Pewter First?!?

  1. Get the pochettes! It's hard to find a CB and a graffiti!

  2. Get the Balenciaga Pewter! Another chance won't come soon!

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  1. I am beside myself... this feeling of excitement and panic together has me not thinking properly. So I need the advice of my knowledgeable fellow tPFers!

    I was all ready to buy 2 LV limited edition pochettes: one from cherry blossom line and one from grafitti line... BUT there's now an opportunity to buy a Balenciaga First in pewter! What should I do?

    What would you do? I'm so excited I'm literally shaking... my problem is that ALL of these bags seem hard to come by since I can no longer get them in stores.. so I guess I'm wondering... which is the more rare opportunity? If I passed up on the 2 LV pochettes.. would I be able to find an opportunity to buy them later on? Or vice versa... if I passed up on the Balenciaga... would I get a chance to get one later on?

    Unfortunately at this current moment I can only pick one option or the other... altho I would be able to get both options if only this happened a month later!! :hysteric:

    Please help!!! I need as many opinions as I can get!!

    Many thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. hmm.
    Well, I don't know much about Balenciaga and how often you can find stuff. How good is the condition of the pochettes? Like, are they really nice or the colors that you want, and finding more like those might be very hard? I mean, I see them from time to time on ebay, but did you want a specific color combo on the cb pochette? Some are harder to find than others...

    Do the sellers offer any long-term payment options? Maybe some now and some later, when you can afford both?
  3. I don't like LV so much so it would be an easy choice for me...go balenciaga go!
  4. I'm torn because both the colours I think are pretty hard to come by and I'm not getting much response under 'handbags and purses', but I didn't want to post in LV and post in Balenciaga and double-post...

    The CB pochette is the red/cream and it's actually new and the Grafitti is silver, but in good condition. and the pewter Balenciaga is ALSO in great condition and it's a colour that is pretty hard to come by! I've only seen it in the store once (one bag!) and by one other PFer who posted her pics of it up. But then again.. I've never seen either of the pochettes in real life either!!! Not any real ones anyway!
  5. I don't know what you should do but I would take the Bbag!