NEED HELP!! 2.55 xxl tweed reissue, prices and availability

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  1. HI girls,

    i havn't post of tpf in sooo long and usually im in balenciaga, but i have fallen in love and figured this is the place to go,

    i would LOVE a 2.55 xxl black tweed reissue, and i know there is one on the bay at the moment but its out of my price range a little. Was hoping to find out the best place to get one

    I am from australia, but currently in the states for another month and a half and then on to england, so can buy from any of those places

    not sure if it's still available but need to know prices if i can hunt one down. The pound is really weak at the moment so i'm thinking thats a good start and i wont have to pay tax (in america i don't get to claim it back though - its odd!)

    anyway, can anyone tell me the price for this bag in the states, UK or australia and if they have seen one? or anyway to buy in US and not pay tax.

  2. im going to bump this as im still desperatly searching for this bag!!! please help if anyone knows x
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