Need helo finding this perfume

  1. I ran into a girl tonight who smelled just lovely. I asked her the name of her perfume and she said "Honna Moray" I totally butchered the name, she spelled it out for me but I cant remember it. Have any of you heard of it?
  2. I searched on Neimans site and found a Hanae mori (hope I spelled it right). Sounds like that could be it? Also at Sephora.
  3. is this what you are thinking of?
  4. AH! Thanks ladies
  5. Oooh! I want to smell it now! xx
  6. I'm going to Sephora tomorrow, I'll have to check this one out.
  7. There is also Hanae Mori Butterfly, this is a sweet smell, kinda like strawberries, vanilla and maybe carmel?! Not a very good description.
  8. BRING a friend, or a boyfriend. Our body chemistry works differently with each scent, so what smells good on her may smell terrible on you! Or, of course, it could smell better :graucho:

    My mother wears Chanel Chance and it is so heavenly on her, I asked 3 friends at separate times to smell me wearing it so I could start. They ALL hated it! And it smells wonderful on my mother! Just goes to show how we can't pick our body chemistry :yes: (or else I'd have my mothers!!)
  9. I'm interested in what this perfume smells like! I have to check it out!