need hayden harnett color decision fast!!!

  1. hi all,
    i am selling a bunch of stuff on eBay and won't have any black bags if they all kind of tired of black...i do actually have one black bag's a prada, nylon/black leather/silver hardware, so in a pinch if i need a black bag i have one...i have two great brown bags, a red one and a green trying to decide if i want either amethyst or black in the HH salina...i've heard the amethyst is dark enough to be neutral...would love some help deciding!!! TIA!!!

    Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Salina Pouch, Amethyst Detail

    Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Salina Pouch, Black Detail

    will be ordering tonite...thanks for helping me out!!!
  2. I usually like black, but I really am liking that amethyst color!
  3. I am probably biased - but I prefer the Amethyst - I love HH's purples and plums. And I am usually a black person too!
  4. I got the Salina in black last week and I LOVE it. The leather is sooo soft. This bag is gorgeous.
  5. I like the Amethyst!
  6. the amethyst is truly as neutral as a purple can get! i had a Nico in Amethyst for a day or two and it was SO versatile when i walked it through my wardrobe. i don't own a black bag and i'm always going to vote for color!
  7. I think the amethyst is gorgeous. I would love to have a bag that color in my collection. You can get any bag in black -- go with the amethyst!
  8. amethyst!
  9. Black bags are common and you can get them at any price level on any designer label. So if you're looking for something different I say go for amethyst. HH did a gorgeous job on this one! ;)
  10. currant! or pewter!
  11. diadiva, thanks for the info...i MISSED the sale...*sigh* still going to order anyway!!!
  12. Would you consider it in Pewter? I got the Salina in Pewter about 2 weeks ago and I love the color (love the bag too, of course). IMO it's a great alternative to black, especially during the summer.
  13. vchik, it's gorgeous in the pewter, i am just looking for something more year you think the pewter would work year round?