Need handbag gift advice


Dec 5, 2019
I need to buy gifts for my relatives and I was thinking of LV bags. Since I have to buy several, I wanted to keep the price under $3000 per bag. What items would be the most popular for women 65+ in age (assuming I know nothing of their style or needs)?


Nov 18, 2020
I think it’s best to keep it classic! Classic LV print or black leather is always best. Maybe choose a bag that has been released for a while or constantly redone than a newer trendy style


Dec 5, 2019
Thanks for the responses!

Is there a reason why the monogram print is preferred over the Damier Ebene print?


Nov 12, 2006
They are in another country, so I don't think gift cards are an option.
Then if you know they don’t have lv, I’d stick with classic as others suggested. Speedy b is great because of the versatile 3 piece strap which can be worn as shoulder strap or crossbody (plus the bag can be hand held). You could do it in de print to avoid too much logo unless you know they like the lv logo. How nice of you! Good luck deciding I’m sure they will appreciate!
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Sep 20, 2015
Washington, DC
Over 65......I'd actually stay away from a speedy or neverfull and perhaps canvas all together. I think they would really appreciate something in LV's Empriente line. There is a bunch to chose from. Perhaps something that can be worn on the shoulder as well as hand carried.

Just my 2 cents...


Apr 19, 2015
Well, Louis Vuitton is a controversial brand. Some people like it, some really hate it. So, I believe that the key here is less branding. I would refrain from buying canvas, no matter the print. Many people find it obnoxious. For this reason I highly recommend leather, especially Épi. Even Empreinte can be "too much LV" for some. But Épi leather in a classic colour works beautifully. It is hard-wearing, luxurious and understated.
For the form factor: I don't recommend the typical LVs like the Speedy or the Neverfull. I genuinely believe that the sweet spot is a small shoulder bag, that also can be worn handheld when needed. Over 65 you don't really carry a lot (no need for a Neverfull, it can get heavy), and a bag that holds its shape is easier to handle (so they can find a soft Speedy cumbersome).
I checked all their bags that matched these criteria, and I found the Alma BB the safest choice. Small, structured, lightweight, both handheld and shoulder-carry, it is one of their most classic and beautiful designs, while in Épi is doesn't scream LV. Even a fashion-conservative person would find it beautiful. It is $1.760. And while it is available in Grenade pink and Rose Ballerine too, I would go for the safer, classic colours like Galet, Noir, Indigo or their legendary Coquelicot red.


Feb 6, 2015
I need to buy gifts for my relatives and I was thinking of LV bags. Since I have to buy several, I wanted to keep the price under $3000 per bag. What items would be the most popular for women 65+ in age (assuming I know nothing of their style or needs)?
I bought all of my mom's LV bags. I started buying them for her when she was around 65 and continued through her 74th birthday last year when she passed away.
her First love was the Ikat mm Neverfull in grande bleu. She also enjoyed the Neverfull mm in turquoise V monogram.

Her most used and lived style was the Totally MM. Monogram was her favorite until I bought the DE version. I wish they still made it.

she loved a shoulder/tote style. Easy and never in the way. what about the Surene?


Apr 26, 2019
Could you ask them to go their local lv store, have them pick the bag, and then do a wire transfer to their account? Bags are personal items, so I would let your relatives do all the picking and choosing. What you think may be a great bag, could be something they hate. I'm no where near 65, but if I don't like a bag that someone has gifted me, I either don't use it, or I give it away.

Speaking of age, at 65+ some women will start to feel the effects of aging. Some women will prefer one bag style over the other because of their joints. Other women may need to carry more items for health related reasons, so they would prefer a larger bag, or a bag that has the "perfect" easy access for them. My grandma has been gifted luxury bags from her children, and she doesn't use them if they don't work for her. She doesn't care about the brand. If she's not happy with it, she won't use it.

This is an expensive purchase on your part. Even though it would be nice to surprise them with the perfect bag, I think this is a case where the more thoughtful thing to do is to let your gift recipient choose. Just let them know your budget, and if they want something out of your budget, they can pay the difference.


Jul 9, 2019
Not 65 but getting there. To me, weight is a dealbreaker, so I wouldn't get leather. I would get Graceful over Neverfull. Speedy B or South Bank Besace for a small shoulder bag. Are they casual or dressy? I would try to get some input from each one as you are spending a lot.


Jul 12, 2018
Maybe really nice SLG item(s) instead of a bag? Something they can get a lot of different use out of? Or some other kind of item like for travel, home, etc?

Bags are so personal, and I would hate for someone to spend that kind of money on me only to have me be disappointed.

Unless it is about giving the expensive offering more than the actual item itself?