Need hair help

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  1. I'm pretty good with clothes and makeup IMO, but I am generally hopeless when it comes to my hair, so I am asking some advice from the experts.

    I've spent the past year growing out a pixie cut. I literally haven't cut my hair in a year because I wanted it to grow out ASAP, so right now it's about shoulder length but has kind of weirdly uneven layers.

    I'm a 26-year-old professional and have a small heart-shaped face and thick, wavy hair. Now that I have some length on it, what cut should I ask for and how should I style it? It needs to be easy to maintain or I won't do it (right now, I'm throwing it in a ponytail every day.)

    TIA :smile:
  2. I grew my hair out from a pixie too, but my hair is thin and fine so the layers were SHOCKING!

    If shoulder-length is good for you - looks nice and is manageable - then why not just start getting trims every 2 months or so and gradually grow the layers out?