Need guidance on Damier

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Which to choose?

  1. Trevi

  2. Berkeley

  3. Bloomsbury

  4. Speedy 30

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I need to get something in Damier Ebene. I'm exhausted from having to be so careful bags w.vache. I'd love a worry-free bag that's both beautiful and functional. I've narrowed it down to Trevi, Berkeley and Bloombury. Of course there's always the good ole speedy. :smile:
  2. Trevi!!!

    best.. bag.. ever..!! No doubt abt it !!! :tup:
  3. trevi! i think the bag is absolutely gorgeous!
  4. what kind of style are u looking for (crossbody, shoulder, handheld)? do u mind if the bag is slightly heavier (eg trevi vs speedy)? do u need it to look more formal or casual or both?

    base on look alone my fav is trevi :smile:.
    for daily wear i'll choose speedy30 or bloomsbury.
    Berkeley is beautiful and the adjustable strap is great for a handheld/ satchel bag. i didn't choose it as personally i don't like wide base shoulder bag.
  5. Yes, it's about time you came over to the dark side:graucho: I have 2 out of the 4 bags mentioned, the speedy and the bloomsbury. I also have the NF which I just purchased (actually dh did) back in November. I liked it waaay more than I thought I would and found it so easy to carry for several weeks when the weather was cold and rainy. With that being said, I have the Trevi PM, the Sistina MM or possibly the new Verona on my list to get next. I sold my Damier Hampstead so I need to get another more dressier/professional bag in Damier to replace it.

    I guess I'm no help. Out of the 4 listed, I'd pick the Trevi since you want to use for everyday. Love the Bloomy but I only use if when traveling/going to the mall and such. GL!
  6. I love all four for all of the reasons you've just stated. :girlsigh:

  7. The Trevi is a gorgeous bag! I vote for that one.
  8. when is Verona coming out? april? I guess I'll have something to agonize over for a few months. how fun :nuts:

  9. Actually it's coming out in March if you can wait about 3 more weeks!
  10. I really like the bloomsbury...I know it looks casual but its so great.
  11. I just hope it's not too similar to Tivoli since I have the GM. *fingers crossed*
  12. From the pictures I've seen it does resemble the Tivoli but without the pleat in the middle, same slouchy look, adjustable straps, couldn't make out the zipper so guess we'll both have to see. I have the Tivoli GM as well.
  13. berkeley
  14. I just got the speedy so I'm biased ;) but I loooove the look of the trevi also :-P
  15. Berkeley is so elegant but then after seeing the Verona which has the same adjustable handle, I would say wait for Verona !
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